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760 Engine Conversion Kit

Anyone know of a conversion kit for a 253/308 into 760?


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    What's wrong with the original V6?

    also have you checked legalities?

  • As far as I know, none exist as all the newer kits are for the ls1 swaps

    No issue with swapping as long as done right and engineered properly

  • In most cases, everything is wrong with the original V6.

  • as with anything, it's how you treat it

    just because people neglect their engines doesn't make it the engines fault when it breaks down... obviously

    my favourite engine off all my cars is the b27e in my 1980 264. I love this engine, and i treat it accordingly. It will not let me down

    other people who don't maintain their cars mileage may vary

  • They have a very low tolerance for less than perfect maintenance, particularly as there are design weaknesses like small oil jet holes for lubricating the rocker arms and timing chains which are prone to blockages, and a very small contact area between the block/liners and the underside of the head gaskets, which causes the gaskets to disintegrate over time.

    If coolant finds its way into any of the head bolt holes in the block due to head gasket failure, the bolts typically corrode in and snap off below deck height when the heads are removed.

    Most owners haven't followed the same maintenance regime as you, at at this point 30-40 years after manufacture, most of them are well f**ked.

  • Angus everything you say is true, but tell me, if the b27e engine was standard fitment in aircraft, do you think people would follow the manufactures recommendation for maintenance?

    People are slackarses, and when the resale value of a $22,000 (in 1980) 264 drops to $15,000, then $10,000 then $5,000 and lower, that's when shit for brains with no common sense can afford to buy these fine motor vehicles and trash them, I still believe it is not the engines fault for having a careless owner.

    This goes for any automotive engine

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Bad design for common use.

    Not fit for purpose.

    As an example of good design for common use and fit for purpose,I've driven a vn Commodore v6 that the young guy thought had engine oil but was checking the auto dipstick,the engine dipstick was dry. He had car for more than a year.

    The missus Camry v6, leaked oil,used oil ran fine after abuse every day from her, ie,flat out from cold every morning,the auto got driven up the street with no fluid one day,fluid put in and it runs fine.

    Fit for purpose = everyday use by regular people who know nothing about cars or in fact could care less.

  • Ok so generally speaking, should non car people follow the owner manual for servicing or not? If they do, then it's up to the mechanic and their competency as a professional licenced technician

    You cannot expect an engine (any engine) to last any given time without it's vitals (being oil and water) old or new that is common sense

    As I said my b27e suits my purpose perfectly, but I'm not a numbnuts so I must be the exception to all other b27e owners

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I'd love to hear your engine running,they sound kool,I remember the v6 in the Peugeot 604?and that sound..

  • If the B27E was fitted to aircraft, aircraft would be banned.

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