Volvo Ambient/Outside air temperature gauge+sensor.

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I have some parts that are surplus to my requirements! Located in Melbourne, happy to ship anywhere at your expense, open to offers of course!

B230 Round tooth cam gear - 16v thickness but will work on an 8v without the timing cover - or machine it down to thickness. $Sold

Comes with old fasteners.

Volvo Holset HX40W Super (T3 divided) - $Sold

(Image coming soon)

"No larger externally than the hugely popular HX35, but with larger compressor and turbine wheels, allowing far more airflow and therefore power- Some pushing as much as 700bhp from HX40s.

This particular HX40 is a great spec, being the quick spool 16cm T3 housing and rare high flow 6 blade compressor wheel, and is ideal for 2ltr+ engines looking for 400hp+"

Volvo Holset HX52 (T4 divided, 11cm housing) - $Sold

(Image coming soon)

"HX52 has the HX55 sized compressor wheel, usually 65/66mm inducer, but a much smaller turbine wheel, smaller than many HX50 ones in fact, making for a very fast spooling turbo for its size.

Unlike HX50s, HX52s always come with a small turbine housing, usually T4 flange, with 16cm the biggest most common size, 13cm being another and usually internal wastegate, and 11cm being the smallest and rarest; though I know of at least two variations of the 11cm housing, one T4i flange and one a weird flange. They take up more space than a HX50 as they have HX55 size compressor housings, despite much smaller turbine housings. Considering they’re good for the best part of 1000bhp when pushed hard on the right engine they spool fantastically well too- On a 2.9ltr, using a single scroll manifold, and the 16cm housing, 15psi comes at just 3750rpm"

Volvo vacuum / economy gauge - $Sold

Volvo outside/ambient temperature gauge and sensor - $60


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