850 M56H 4.45 real word drivability

Hi all I am looking at doing a manual conversion I know it's been covered a MILLION times but can't find any real word drivability info how a 850/ V70 T5 which I have would drive like with such low final drive and can anyone advise good bad or to avoid? Car is not driven lots and occasional longish trips 200km ect


  • Sorry I forgot to mention its a M56H 4.45 final from 2000ish v40 2lt NA about 180km
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    I had a 855R manual , had it from 60 odd thousand kilometres old, the manual was shit around town and shit on nice twisty roads where you need a proper 2nd gear but the step from 1st to 2nd is like there's a gear missing or 1st is just too short. It's to stop wheelspin but all you get is wheelspin.....
    The M66 may be better but I had much more fun in later P80s with auto. So much better at getting power down and no idiotic ratios.
    The T5 auto computer into a v70T with a mix screwed right up was epic!
  • I used to have one in my 850, makes it very quick though the gears which is fun, however you will be up around the 3k mark when doing 120kph (UK motorway speed), its a trade off.
  • Cheers for the reply snoopy @Ex850R I have some go fast bits to throw at it 18T plus the usual I fig I would run the auto until its cooked but was planning ahead for 5 speed swap
  • Easiest thing to do is punch in your ratios of your existing trans into an online calculator and compare to the m56h.
  • That's what i am after @jamest5r how it will drive in real world. I don't do mega long distance more city driving and spirited WOT occasional fang. Any other complaints or relative info?
  • Yeah don't put 28psi of boost through it

  • In all seriousness it makes it alot better to drive around town, quicker on boost as it picks up so much better, you will be changing gears more but I liked it.
  • Thanks for all the help much appreciated
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    In contrast to Jimbo, around town my left knee ached, the change from 1st to 2nd made it an annoying experience and in the wet, forget going just about anywhere but sideways or nowhere, even with very expensive tyres you need a proper lsd. Or awd.
    The v70r was great with awd and auto.
  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    What diff ratio do you have now?

    3.77 to 4.45 is about 15% more revs at any given road speed.
    4.25 to 4.45 is about 5% more revs.

    You may also find that first gear becomes pretty much useless - you'll want to change gear before you have even travelled a car length.
    The flip side is that you will probably be able to avoid the crappy 1st-to-2nd gap that is annoying in normal use.

    Tell me what box (H vs L) and diff ratio you have now, and I can give you some more definite answers.
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