140 Greetings

Hi everyone,
New to this forum, been a Volvo owner since 2000
Previously owned models include;
1980 240GL
1977 242GT
1973 142
1974 142S
1974 164E
2000 V70 Cross Country

Currently and only one left and my long term rebuild is a late 1974 164E with eight bolt crank.
At the moment it’s completely stripped down awaiting time and some dollars, but in the meantime I’m chasing a few bits and pieces. I have enough general spares and components for the rebuild but I’m looking for a solution to be able to fit up my Getrag 5spd gearbox, in particular a 8 bolt flywheel.
I have all the adapters, mounts etc but getting the flywheel has proven to be impossible.
Any helpful information etc would be greatly appreciated.



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