240 Flywheel b230ft onto M46 gearbox

I need some advice regarding fitting a B230ft into my 242GT. I've purchased Sachs clutch kit for a B230ft from IPD. I assumed that I would be able to use the flywheel off the @$@GT motor I removed from the car. This doesn't seem to be going to work as the B230ft clutch is bigger in diameter and depth. Did the 740 T series use a different flywheel and what is the best solution. The donor car I removed the B230ft from was an auto. Thanks in anticipation.


  • Looking back on some past posts here and Turbobricks it seems I might need a 9 inch dished flywheel. If anyone has one for sale...
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    Are you planning to run lh2.2 or 2.4?
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    Easiest option would be to get a clutch kit that suits your current flat flywheel (8.5")
    The lh2.4 cars used a dished flywheel, and a larger diameter clutch(9").
    They had a tone wheel on the outer diameter of flywheel for the crank angle sensor that you dont need, they are harder to find and much heavier.
    Most performance redblocks use the flat flywheel with tone wheel machined into it.
    The clutch on the dished flywheel is technically inferior to the flat
  • Bummer, I assumed the clutch for the 740T would be sturdier to handle the increased power. I know that with the 2.2 distributor I don't need to worry about the crank angle sensor. Thanks for your advice.
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