[SOLD] (NSW) For Sale! 2004 V70R Auto

shewSam @shew Sydney, Australia
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Up for sale is my 2004 V70R auto. 234000kms. I have 3 Volvo's now so this one has to go.

Body is in fair condition, has a few bumps on the doors and scratches on the bumpers, cleans up really nicely. Not a single mark on the bonnet, roof and tailgate. I had the windows tinted last year 35% front and 25% around the back. It's a very good shade of tint, not too dark at night and good privacy during the day. Factory HID headlights work great with the addition of LED park lights. I have aftermarket sealed LED fog lights fitted and I personally rewired them to come on with ignition (like daytime running lights). They aren't as bright as factory fog lights so I think this is a very good modification. Updated tail lights have been fitted too. SEAT Cupra R front lip fitted to the front bumper. I am a perfectionist so every modification has been done well.

Interior is in very good condition. No cracks, rips or tares anywhere. GROM USB kit installed with bluetooth and media streaming via USB.

Engine is untuned and untouched. Only "performance" modifications are resonator delete and Elevate intake kit. No oil leaks or coolant leaks. PCV system and sparkplugs were replaced last year. The angle gear does weep a little bit leaving the occasional mark on the driveway. Transmission is good and fluid was recently changed along with a new dipstick. I had the tail shaft rebuilt last year because the centre bearing was gone and the boots were torn.
Steering, suspension and brakes are all good. I fitted Eibach lowered springs last year. 4C all works great. I will sell with the standard springs as spare. Slotted and dimpled front rotors and new Bendix pads fitted.

The Thule roof racks and fairing are not included. It's got a European style OEM tow bar (not sure if this complies to Australian standards).
Vertini Concave 19x8.5 wheels fitted with H&R spacers to clear the Brembos. VOLVO Clique sticker will be removed prior to sale.

Recently got a second key cut and programmed (over $600 for the whole excercise). So selling with 2 keyfob flip keys and one ordinary key. Original owners manual and service book still in the glove box. I'm an auto electrician at a workshop so I get the mechanics to complete my services for me, so no receipts. The car hasn't been thrashed, only driven 15 minutes a day to and from work. I have an "unwritten" history of the car, originally from WA. I'm selling because its just a little too extravagant for my minimal daily commute and I have an 850R and an S60 which love having money thrown at them.

I'm pretty sure there is something I've forgotten but I've tried to make this ad as comprehensive as possible.

NSW rego until November 2019.


Located in Milperra.












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