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140 Webber dgv in a 142?

1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania
I'm trying to revive my 1974 142 at the moment and get it past Tasmanian registration. Currently b20b twin Stromberg, manual.

I am hoping that the brains trust might know if changing over the carburetor to a Weber dgv will have an impact on the ability to get the car past roadworthy.


Does anyone local have direct experience with the setup as there is conflicting information in the US sites. I want practical reliability rather than power, so I can drive to the car occasionally. No more garden ornaments. Or I have to get rid of it.


  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
    edited May 2019
    1974 model has to meet ADR27, but not the much more difficult ADR27A.

    IIRC, ADR27 is only a measurement of Carbon Monoxide at idle, and the presence of a charcoal canister. Notably, the CO test can be performed easily and cheaply at many workshops.

    A DGV should have no problem getting under the required level once correctly tuned.

    All of that said, most road worthy inspectors are entirely realistic about old cars now, and are unlikely to even bother worrying about any of that with a 1974 model. Extra especially an otherwise unmodified Volvo, that is unlikely to be driven in a provocative manner that may draw police attention.
  • Why not keep the twin strombergs and recondition them they are not a complicated carburetor and easy to setup?
  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania
    Thanks both.

    I have not had great success getting strombergs to do what I want. Always end up rich or letting me down somehow with a leak. Maybe it is just me, but I can get su to work well, but not strombergs. The price of everything to make them like new including special tools looks similar to a Webber conversion. The ones I have on the car have a full gasket kit and new needles - still rich and not good in the tassie cold, so probably a worn main jet at this age? I also like the idea of the alloy intake manifold as per the p1800, instead of the large cast iron heat sink at the intake.
  • I haven't had heaps to do with dgvs, apart from a conversion on a suzuki jimny. I mostly see stromberg, su's and dcoe and a random mix of oem carbs.

    The essential adjustment for the mixture on the strombergs is the jet height, which as you mentioned requires the appropriate tools. Its common for them to get richer with age, and theres not enough adjustment anywhere else to correct it.
    Maybe theres a slim chance a specialist workshop nearby would have the tools?
    Otherwise it will certainly be easier to adjust/maintain/live with the dgv.

    As spac said i highly doubt you would have any issues with the conversion for rego, it would certainly not be an issue in A.C.T. Do you guys have any sort of emissions testing requirements for rego?
  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria
    In Vic, on a car of that age, alternative carbies are permitted, as long as all factory emissions systems continue to function in the way that's intended.

    In other words, as long as the crankcase breather hoses are plumbed in somewhere appropriate, and the carbon canister vac and purge hoses, you will be fine.

    There is no testing of actual emissions, or functionality testing of emissions systems, they just need to appear to work on a visual inspection.

    Tassie rules may vary.
  • You could install a single Stromberg. Much easier to tune and equally driveable. I've had no issues with general driving with a manual single. I'm sure someone has a good single, filter, manifold and linkages available for a reasonable price.
  • Angus242164Angus @Angus242164 Western Victoria
    If you do go that way I have a single Stromberg setup.
  • zzdhallawrathgar @zzdhalla Oatlands Tasmania,..... and Muniganene in Qld
    Yes do it......
  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL @1971_144GL Launceston, Tasmania
    Thank you for the helpful information everyone.

    So far I have worked out based on the advice and speaking to a couple of local places that Tassie roadworthy should be okay provided that it is tuned well and the emissions are okay. " If there's no black smoke it's fine" was my favorite response.

    I am currently asking around for someone that has the tools to set them up. Not looking good so far. I f l pay someone l am looking for someone with a solid understanding.

    I also have a couple of single carb systems, but thanks for the offer. I like twin if I stay original. And I don't want to change to an A cam.

  • zzdhallawrathgar @zzdhalla Oatlands Tasmania,..... and Muniganene in Qld
    I'll be bringing the 45 down .......
  • Single DCOE 40 or 45. Expensive to set up though bullet proof once installed. Starts easy, runs great, sounds good.
    Not sure on your model and distributor setup for yours, an electronic ignition will make a great improvement to starting, as will an electric fuel pump. Look up Ignitor ignition conversions, they bolt into the existing distributor. I have one on my 1800 and it is great. There is also an MSD box attached in the 1800, though that is not necessary.
  • zzdhallawrathgar @zzdhalla Oatlands Tasmania,..... and Muniganene in Qld
    edited May 2019
    so lynx single 45 and a 123ignition would sound like a go then?

  • I have not used the 123 ignition so cannot comment. I know Voldat has used them, try @Ghettobird for advice.
    I had the lynx and a 40 DCOE on a 140 recently and it was great. It had short flutes (from Weber Performance) and a K&N filter. The filter mount needed to be machined out a little to fit the flutes, though it was pretty solid once done. I think the filter needed to be moved up a few mm to clear the steering column, cannot remember.

    Regarding chokes, aux chokes, and jets call Daniel from Weber Performance, he will sort you out. He is expensive, though very good.

    Black mats and a biege carpet, we should talk...
  • zzdhallawrathgar @zzdhalla Oatlands Tasmania,..... and Muniganene in Qld
    I use 123ignition on all our 140 cars.
    Still need to fit the 164 one but I wont do that until its got rego.
    Very happy with them it may need to change advance curve but that's possible.
    I do always carry a spare distributor in the boot - touch wood.
    Once I'm thru the current squeeze I will invest in the Weber fitment.
    Yes mats never quite managed to match up.

  • zzdhallawrathgar @zzdhalla Oatlands Tasmania,..... and Muniganene in Qld
    Be interesting to compare the side and downdrafts once they are both done @1971_144GL
  • There's no need to change cams with a single Stromberg. They run happily on a C cam. The C cam does run better with a dizzy with vacuum advance. Actually the single - C - big valve setup for an auto is a pleasure to drive. I've run a single with a D cam without issue too. K grind is a little less enthusiastic though.
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