S/V/C70 Aftermarket Parking Sensor Kit for 2009 S40 - Recommendations?

engellionPaulC @engellion Brisbane
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Hi all. Can anyone recommend a decent aftermaket parking sensor kit for a 2009 S40 2.4i.

I was looking at some cheap generic kits on ebay ($25), but not sure of the quality.

Also found a one that has a lot more features for $74 (LCD Car Parking Sensor Kit Rear Reverse Backup Radar System w/ 8 Sensors https://ebay.us/oItthk via @eBay) includes voice option as wells as beep or buzz, volume control, more informative readout on LCD, intelligent start function (radar starts when brake is pushed, but LCD doesn't light up until obstacle is within range, and then monitor stops when car at a standstill for 5 secs or more).

Not sure what to get so appreciate any suggestions/reccomendations.



  • I'm unaware of any good quality kits on ebay
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Iirc you can get Garmin and other known quality brands with camera and stuffs..
    Options to add sensors.
    Cheap is cheap...
  • Thanks guys. Appreciate the advice. Yeah, I know cheap is cheap, but I'm limited by the wife's budget. 🙁

    If I am looking at quality alone, the OEM parking sensor kit is expensive (if it is still available).

    Will see if I can find something in the Garmin range. I was hoping to make it look as close to a factory fit as possible. So giving some thought to how I'd do a HUD in an S40.

    If you know of any other quality aftermarket suppliers of parking sensor kits please let me know.

    I was reading the Volvo UK user group on aftermarket parking sensors. Seems like cheap ones are proving reliable. So may still consider the ebay route. The feature set of the $74 kit on ebay is my benchmark.

  • I recommend getting better at reversing, so you don't need to buy such a thing. They make you into a lazy reverse parker
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