MY07 V8 XC90 - Canberra

Hey lads, just spent the weekend going over this and looking at what I have in the next 6 months work wise and I just don't think it is a great idea at the moment as there is more needed to get it to my standard than I thought. So I am listing it for sale in the off chance that there is someone out there that is keen and has a bit more free time.

I spent the weekend given the paint a full correction and polish and the complete interior was removed and carpets cleaned and about 10 years worth of crap removed from within the car.

Full disclosure on this one. There was plenty with the car that was not obvious when I bought it but this is what I know:

To get it back to 100% it will need the following mechanical work:

Rear diff seal on the drivers side output
Rocker cover gaskets done
2 replacement rear tyres
the vacuum pot for intake flap has one of the barbs broken so it is throwing a fault.
The rubber pipe that connects the fuel tank to the filler has a crack. I have ordered a replacement one.
Left hand front hub bearings ( @Philia_Bear has a replacement hub on my old parts car)

The good. the front struts, strut tops and lower control arms have been done. They were replaced with Bilstien shocks
The auto was reconditioned 50,000km ago and it shifts well

Spec includes:

Laminated glass
Front park assist
Sunroof (yuk)
Head light washers
Auto Dim rear view
Factory towbar
Red Arc brake controller
Has aftermarket bluetooth phone thing fitted.

238,000km and has just been serviced but I would be inclined to get it a once over including a trans flush

There are a number if interior bits that have wear and the rear seat frame is damaged all of which are available from my parts car that @Philia_Bear has.

It has ACT rego until early May as a minimim it will need the hub replaced and 2 rear tyres for a RWC the other stuff should be fine if you give it a degrease before taking it in.

Based what else is on the market I am thinking somewhere around $7500 is probably a reasonable start but happy to entertain offers. I have not got it advertised elsewhere also happy to look at swaps for a MY07 on D5 XC90 that doesn't need me to spend bulk time in the shed.


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