Christmas Project 2.0--- MY07 V8 XC90 in Black

Ok, so as I alluded to in the other thread I have sourced a replacement for the Silver XC90 that got burnt. picked it up this afternoon.

Had a read through some of the paperwork. Had the front shocks, strut tops and lower control arms replaced about 30,000km ago and the gearbox was reconditioned and a new AC compressor installed about 50,000km ago.

It drives pretty well but it needs new front hub bearings on the LHF but will replace both and there is the oil leak on the engine that I need to have a look at.

Body wise it is straight but the paint has suffered a little. It will come up ok and look mint from about 5m but up close it will be a little rougher.

Interior has taken a bit of a hit, all the door trims have a bit of damage of some sort but I will go through what I have here and what ended up back in Sydney with @Philia_Bear

The V8 certainly gets along quite well but I have a feeling the fuel bill is going to knock me around a little. I have got some seafoam here to give the engine a birthday and a fresh set of filters and oil.

Other than that I will probably just drive it for a bit and see how we go with it. It has 238,000km on the clock. Even the 20" rims are starting to grow on me though I have a feeling that keeping them clean is going to be an issue.

I will get some photos in the morning so that everyone can be jealous.....


  • I'm keeping everything safe for you, its all getting pulled this weekend as well while I strip the new project to produce something special for the NSW VSCC event on the 17th
  • Nice! Looking forward to the pics
  • DN7w4oVh.jpg

    Will get some more photos of the interior once I have it cleaned up a bit more
  • So parked this on my driveway this morning to give it a bit of a clean before heading into work and there is fuel coming out of the overflow or something on the tank. Was a pretty decent and steady drip. No fuel smell inside the vehicle as others have indicated but something I need to look at in more detail. Anyone can any tips or ideas before I start digging around in there?

    it is fine on the flat just when it is on a slope with the rear down. I also filled the tank last night so will have to see if it still does it when I run it down a little.
  • If it's leaking when full and parked on a slope it's more than likely the O ring on the fuel sender. You need the Volvo tool to get them tight enough to seal. I have it at the shop if you need to borrow it.
  • Tim, I take it that is a seats out type affair to get to the top of the tank? I will have a look over the weekend but I am away for a month with work. Going to pull the interior out to give it all a clean at some stage anyway so can do it then if required.
  • Yeah would need to remove the middle row seats. Fuel pump is on driver's side
  • Sweet that is easy enough. It is the rear ones that are a pain in the arse.
  • So it turns out it is just the joiner on the filler pipe you can see the split in it.

    In other news the drivers side seal on the diff output shaft is leaking and there is a significant oil leak in the engine bay somewhere so I will give it a clean up and see if I can identify the source..
  • There isn’t much fluid in the whole power steering system so if that is it the level will be obviously low
  • Ok so the fuel leak has been fixed and the insurance has paid out on the old XC90. I have cleaned the engine bay up so that I can have a look at chase any significant oil leaks. Otherwise it will just be a case of slowly tiding things up.

  • So rear diff leak has no t come back after 1000km so must be a slow one. Auto trans flushed, put 20l through it. It was not great, very dark and stinky. All filters have been done just need to do haldex and the plugs and it should be OK.
  • You reset adaption post flushing fluid?
  • Yep, fluid counter and not only reset the adaption I spent the best part of an hour driving it around doing the calibration part.
  • Have sorted out some 19" rims thanks to @Philia_Bear . They needed a.clean up but seems to be looking ok
  • One of the rims the silver base coat has gone funny. Not sure that there is much I can do as the tyres are being fitted Friday.
  • Not sure that I am happy with the Nulon trans fluid either. Results seem less than I have had previously with penrite. Might do another fluid level check and reset and see if it cleans up at all. Otherwise it might be time to purchase some more oil.
  • Another job done6sievbjbqhnl.jpg
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