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760/900 radio box &/or double DIN radio mount for same

bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 @bgpzfm142 Launceston TAS
edited November 2018 in Wanted
(note that I am recycling my old fan motor wanted thread)

Looking for a pair of ordinary 700/940 radio boxes in usable condition (i.e. not a Swiss cheeze version) plus 2 generic double DIN radio boxes.

Plan is to try and fit an SC-810 OE head unit into a 940.

Although I might be really really lucky, and somebody Out There may have a surplus, unicorn-like, two-compartment, double DIN sized 780 radio box, spares of which are now extinct from Mother Volvo but perfect for the task.

Near Launceston is perfect; in Tas would be great; in OZ would be nice.


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