Toms 2zzge 74' 142

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With some help from Jack and Tim, we were able to save this 142 from the crusher.
It's a 1974 142 Delux, with a b20b and m40 with strombergs. Looks to be an ex rally car that entered the dutton rally in 1995.


The engine is solid with 125psi across the 4. Starts straight up and drives great. The car looks to be run into a ditch and then parked up for the 20+ yrs.

All calipers were seized, so I'm doing a vented 240 front conversion, new master cyl and new lines etc.

Currently putting in some new insulation and carpets inside, you can see the interior is pretty far gone, but I'm sure we will figure something out, if anyone has a new dash pad or a dash mat please let me know. Or even putting in a different dash, Let me know.

Not 100% sure on where i want the build to go, I'm sure this will be more evident as time goes on. It will be low, wide, and some sort of a restomod.
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  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC
    Looks like it will be a great project! Interested to see how you go with the 240 front brake conversion. Another guy in our club has been working on that as well but not sure whether he got his done yet. Whereabouts are you located? That stash of cars looks like a treasure trove! If in VIC I'd like to have a look! :)
  • Are you aware there's a cat on the parcel shelf?

    Nice score though, I too am interested in how you found this.
  • Rough rundown on finding these Volvo's. There's an area on the border of Canberra called Parkwood estate that has been available for lease as a semi permanent industrial area for the last 30yrs. It was mostly used for trucking businesses to operate out of but there were a few eccentric car hoarders. One yard full of cars was abandoned and the government just scrapped them all. We had known about this yard for a while but recently the government has given notice that the leases won't be renewed, due to their plans to build a housing estate. ( right next door to their current asbestos dump from the Mr Fluffy loose fill asbestos fiasco). We were allowed to go in and rescue this 142 and pinch some parts of the various other cars. The majority of cars left in there are too far gone.
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    That a 164 under the Saab 900? B30 on triples.
  • That a 164 under the Saab 900? B30 on triples.

    yep, there were 3, inc the orange one next to the green, under the ke70.
  • First things first: Welcome to Club 140! Bonus points for the cat pic.
    Tom @Trex wrote: »
    if anyone has a new dash pad or a dash mat please let me know. Or even putting in a different dash, Let me know.

    Not sure where you're located, but Dashboard Recovering Services were given a 142 dash top that looked like yours, and now it looks like this.


    Dashboard Recovering Services
    Unit 3/ 4 Cunneen Street
    Mulgrave NSW 2756
    0409 171 165

    No connection - just a very happy repeat customer. (Matter of fact, I just dropped another one over to him on Friday, since I'm moving to Tasmania soon and it will save me shipping costs).

    Alternatively, a late 240 dash top will fit in - there are 3 'pegs' in the dash top which plug into the firewall, and the 140s and 240s share the same dimensions,
  • Do they do a good job on the earlier dashes?
  • Do they do a good job on the earlier dashes?

    Yes, which is why I've kept going back - I've had a number of 140 projects on the boil. The guy used to do lots of the RHD dashes for US cars converted from LHD.
  • Thanks for all the info bg! I’ll keep DRS in mind, but with shipping costs and labor I’m sure it won’t be a cheap fix like I was looking for.
    May give it a go myself and cover it in leather :)
  • Fixed the headlight surrounds and grill yesterday, found some 7” clear lights. Still unsure whether I shave the indicators or do the clear and amber ones.

  • Those clear lights look good. The dash top repair is around about $260, which is a bargain AFAIC.
    Clips to hold the headlights in place are still available from Skandix and others.

    One thing which you'll find invaluable for the build is the parts catalogue from Genuine Classic Parts,
    - choose English (by flag)
    - click on Catalogues on top right
    - choose 140 / See Catalogues
    - choose 1973-

    This opens up a 'Weblisher' window, Click to open the publication, and it opens up a new tab.

    On the right of screen, between the print icon and the text search box, is a strange looking icon that you select to download a PDF copy of the parts catalogue - which is searchable, but Section 8 (body parts) is missing. Every other section is there though, and it's ideal for working out parts numbers for stuff and how things fit together.
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    Thanks for all the info @bgpzfm142 How good is that parts catalogue! I decided to flatten the dash and flock it instead, should be sub $60.

    Been doing things here and there on the car. new carpet, seat covers, new rear side window rubbers, just an all round cleanup... There's a lot to do haha. I've been inspecting most parts on the car and they all seem to be alright, even pulling the tank out showed no rust and looked brand new inside. Tim and I were saying that this whole build has been effortless and funny as things just seem to fall into place and work.

    Thanks to vince i got a lovell rear swaybar, koni adjustable rear shocks, 8kg front springs and a whole bunch of stuff.
    And thanks to @paul0075 for the calipers and original 140 wheels.

    Brakes are almost done. Ordering 6 lines and a master cyl rebuild kit from cvi this weekend. Front rotors are now vented 263x22, and picking up some 850 rear calipers to finish off the brakes.

    I've been putting off tackling the dash and wiring, but looks like were at that point already.

    Picking up another 144 b20b with m40 for spare parts, please message me if anyone needs anything.
  • Here are some photos
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    How are you planning to fit 240 Calipers? To my understanding with a mates 142, they don't fit very well.

    Not my style, internet points don't do it for me, actually driving does, but cool.
  • How are you planning to fit 240 Calipers? To my understanding with a mates 142, they don't fit very well.

    Not my style, internet points don't do it for me, actually driving does, but cool.

    They didn't fit very well at the start, but a few internet points later they bolted right up.
  • @Vee_Que The brake caliper knuckles will need 2.3mm taken off the backside so they sit perfectly centered.
    The reason for the brake upgrade and suspension mods is to start doing hillclimbs, we're pretty lucky to have our own track in canberra.
    How did you find the 164 brakes upgrade on your 140?
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    How are you planning to fit 240 Calipers? To my understanding with a mates 142, they don't fit very well.

    Drill out the mounting holes to 1/2 inch. Grind a few mm from inside edge of caliper mounting surface. Bolt on 240 vented front brake setup. The calipers sit a little higher on the rotor and the top of the brake pad surface overhangs a couple of mm but considering the calipers were free and original calipers were seized it's a pretty good option
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
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    The rims are flipped kuga rims right? The massive offset and loss of support is not really something I'd consider for a handling upgrade, with the extra stress on the outside bearing under corners etc.

    8kg springs combined with the rims definitely and the interior being done that way instead of stripped out. looks to me like stance rather than handling. But if the rims are not permanent, awesome.

    Any plans for the b20b engine then? Deck to 11:1, larger su's and an electric fuel pump upgrade?
  • The wheels, brakes, and suspension are fine.
    The whole interior weighs about 50kg so it’s not worth getting rid of it.

    No plans for the b20 yet. Plenty of ideas. But no plans.
  • It still has to pass a roadworthy too so can't go stripping it yet. It's literally got some cheap seat covers on it and that's all.
    The stock 120/140 stub axles are piss weak and will flex once you have some decent wide wheels and sticky tyres on them so it's not much worse with the flipped kugas than some more sensible old man wheels.
    We crack test stub axles here for some of the local British car club guys and it's not unusual at all to see cracks forming on the underside of the stub axle on relatively stock cars that don't see the track. We are under no illusions as to the extra stress being placed on them

    Wheel bearings will be checked periodically and have spare stub axles as a contingency.
    Have a spare b20b and 4 spd aswell
    Main idea is to do this on the cheap and not take shit too seriously.
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