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    Waaay to many KLMS unless fastidiously maintained IMO (and / or all country highway KLMS). Immaculate later model V8 with 90K on the clock recently listed at a Syd dealer for 19900 and lasted just a week or two.
  • But this is only 7800
  • And you can double that $$$ if the transmission has never had a service and needs replacing now or very soon.... (Seems around 200K plus or minus is a rough life est for an auto transmission on original fluid, others may know better than me).

    So then your most of the way to a much better car. I get it, the bargain appeal.... But if it's a quarter of a million KLMs of mostly city driving and only what the Volvo book requires and no more then it could cost the new owner some $$$.

    Or perhaps with this as a spare motor and tranny it's not such a bad prospect:

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Except Mark will buy it over the top of you...

    The gearboxes are not that expensive to do apparently, ask Mark he does them.
    They can be fixed now anyway...
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