Haynes or Bentley manual for '92 240

Am looking for a Haynes or preferably Bentley manual for my 240 wagon. Needs to cover up to 1992.

Not too concerned about condition - it'll get nice and dirty anyway...

Let me know if you have anything to sell.

Cheers :)
1992 240 Wagon, Adelaide

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  • I think there are two still on gumtree
  • If they're the ads I can see they're from a book shop selling new books - I hear the latest (i.e. red cover) version is a bit dumbed down in certain areas. Am hoping a green cover version crops up somewhere. I found one on eBay but it never arrived and the seller didn't respond to any messages - got a full refund in the end but a bit of a pain.
  • 240JoeJoe (@240Joe) Geelong, Victoria
    I have one of each if you’re still after one
    '09 V50, '84 240 sedan, '89 240 wagon, '98 Impreza
  • Cheers @240Joe - I managed to pick up a Haynes manual in the end so that will probably do for what I need it for at the moment. Thanks for letting me know though!
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