245 back into project mode

As some of you might be aware, I bought a 1989 245 in April. I put it on the road 3 months ago, and today the rego runs out. During the time on the road, piston slap has become quite prevalent, and though I've been told it might go for ages and drive it till it stops, I've decided to fix it properly instead.

The original plan was to rebuild the existing engine and that's it, but with the help of a couple of OzVolvo and I Roll people, I've organised a nice block upgrade (B230FX) and head (530) and cam (VX3) upgrade. It will be a few weeks or couple of months before it's done, but I am not in too much of a hurry at the moment.

With the car parked up, I can do things at my leisure such as braided brake hoses, new rotors, fix a minor fuel leak and an electrical issue, replace driver's seat backrest and a couple of interior trims, and work on the suspension upgrades as well as fitting some accessories such as towbar, extra lights and 6x9s in the cargo bay and maybe even have the windows tinted and a new windscreen fitted.

I've also been made aware of an M47 gearbox as well, but it's just the box and nothing more.

The Jaffa will have a number of jobs done in prep for Tamworth in April, such as a new bootlid with new paint, paint repairs to driver's door and front apron and the driver's seat foam replaced and a minor driveshaft vibration looked at since having the centre bearing and other bits replaced.

As it is, both cars have been performing pretty solidly and I love being back in an old RWD wagon, but as it's the daily, it needs to be right. For now I am back in the 2002 Mazda 323 as my daily, it isn't as nice as the 240 to cruise around in, but it's a good car and I have a bit of a soft spot for it, that said it needs some mechanical love as well and some panel work.

Current Cars: 1974 144DL & 1989 245GL
Past Volvo Cars: 1975 244DL, 1974 145GL, 1986 240GL wagon, 1993 440GL, 1987 240GL sedan (M46), 1986 240GL sedan, 1987 240GL sedan, 1992 (MY93) 240 sedan, 2000 V40T4
Past Non-Volvo Cars: 1988 Toyota AE82 Corolla Seca, 2001 Toyota AE112R Corolla Conquest, 2000 Ford BA Futura, 1997 VT Commodore Executive, 2002 Mazda BJ-III 323 Astina


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