[NSW] Half hearted sale/swaps post ‘88 240 jurbo m47

pineappleben (@pineapple) Northern beaches NSW
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As per the title this is only a half committed post,
Will try to keep it all simple
1988 240 sedan
Lh2.2 -definitely runs rich
Garrett t3 on a pre 89 manifold
Green top injectors with resistors
Big old intercooler
Ke70 fender mirrors
El 27mm front sway bar with genuine nolathane bushings
Rare as bross 3 piece front lip
2.5” turbo back exhaust, nothing except a single muffler in front of diff
Will come on the 14x8 ford 12 slotters pictured
Vdo boost gauge below the clock
Boss kit with genuine momo personal
Pin spots of surface rust, fairly clean
M47 has a whiney 5th
Clutch is a bit how you going hitting boost in second before peak torque
Blow by is present when on the juice
Pcv needs doing, have new oil seperator which I may end up doing today if I get the chance
Odo is stopped at 312xxx, happened in the past six months as far as I can tell
Rego for 10-11 months
Probably other stuff I’ve forgotten

Take it or leave it. She’s dirty, she’s fun, she’s the one everyone looks at in the club and hates out loud but wishes they were the same on the inside

I need a wagon and could be up for swaps or sales if you make the right offer
If there’s no major amount of interest I’ll keep her as with every car I’ve owned I’ve invested way too much money on random stuff in her

Bonus cred for her gapping an evo 8 on the highway due to that m47 gearing
Also for spitting flames due to lack of exhaust accessories and lh2.2


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