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Check engine light mystery

namronNamron (@namron) Melbourne Australia
Hi guys,

Just doing some research to try and help my mechanic out. I'm getting the CEL come on after 3000 RPM and staying on for a few cycles then it goes out.

I pulled a generic code P0026 which suggests VVT solenoid. This was replaced but the issue is still here. I had a Calibra a many years ago with the same problem but it put the car in to limp mode, turned out to be a knock sensor fault which reset teach time the car was turned off. Am not getting any real physical symptoms that anything has gone wrong when the light comes on either?!

Stumped and hoping for some good advice!


  • First idea is find someone with Vida to check the codes. Generic codes are kinda useless for vvti faults.
    Have you had the timing belt replaced recently?
    There's tests you can run in Vida to test vvti function to isolate the problem.
    Where abouts in Aus are you so we can find someone to help you out
  • namronNamron (@namron) Melbourne Australia
    G'day Tim,
    Timing belt was done recently but this problem existed beforehand, Second solenoid replacement too. The guy I take it to is an indy Volvo specialist whom I trust implicitly but he's stumped too. Am in Melbourne BTW.
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