Talk to me about buying an XC90

So the wife still wants a 7 seater in the fleet and I don't want to have to have 7 seats in the tow vehicleI was looking at options today and the XC90 popped up which had not been on my radar previously and seems to be reasonably appointed and priced at a point that makes the Kia and the Hyundia look a little underdone.

There are a few different options but noting that I want to keep to a budget of around $10k what is the pick of the bunch? I assume the T6 is last on the list with the D5 at the top followed by the T5?

Would be keep to get thoughts and any XC90 specifics to look out for and major service items. I have learnt a bit from the S40 so feel reasonably comfortable working on the Volvo stuff now.

Alternatives are either Kia, Hyundai or Subaru Tribeca all of which seem a little low on specs compared to the XC90.



  • How much you towing?
    Early D5 will not maintain 110 up a hill while towing 2 tons... is otherwise mostly excellent

    T5 is a good motor but shit trans

    Early t6 is a solid motor, the gm 4 speed next to it is crap stock but is easily built to tow and never blow up

    3.2 drinks more fuel than the v8 and is worse in every way

    Early v8 had issues with drains in the valley, the ones that were going to die... should have died by now

  • D5 does require cleaning shit on a regular basis
    This includes
    Egr and throttle body and swirl flaps and intake etc...
    Dpf delete on them is super easy though
  • I don't really need it to tow big stuff as I have the Landrover. It is more a case of a decent 7 seater so that when I replace the discovery I can go back to a dual cab or something like that.

    What is the pick in the 2008-2012 range? Any issues at around the 150,000km mark? Happy to do the work to get something up to speed.

    I love this forum, so much knowledge...
  • @Nelpd96 , where are you located ?
  • @morgan we are in Canberra but happy to drive to Sydney or Melbourne for the right car. We are not in a huge rush but towards Christmas will.make sure I have time to give it a once over before putting it into service if we go with an XC90.
  • Go get Tim at IKES to find you a good d5
  • I was over that way yesterday getting a new screen put in the S40. Not a bad plan though....
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