2 Car Shows - Launceston TAS, Sunday 21st Oct

Sunday, 21 October 2018
Eurosports Cars & Coffee and the Westbury Car Show.

145 and I will be at Eurosports at 8:50am and will follow the crowd to Westbury later in the morning.

Come along if you can. Should be a fun man morning.




  • Joining me in a 140?

    @bgpzfm142 @1971_144GL
  • I'll see if I can get Larry to fire up, although he still has a bit of a death rattle.
  • PS - I should be there in something, but please note this recent update from the Euro Sport Tasmania FB page:
    Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to have a coffee van onsite for this weekend. In view of this, and the Westbury Car Show being on the same Sunday, may we suggest you make your way directly to Westbury. Somebody will be at the Motor Museum to redirect those not seeing this post, or not contacted directly. Normal service will resume for the next meet.
  • No coffee van on a sunday morning! Yeah, straight to westbury then.

    I’ll see how you’re going with the volvo prep on saturday and maybe we can head out together.
  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL (@1971_144GL) Launceston, Tasmania
    Tempted. 142 still has the head off unfortunately.144 is in oatlands. 145 a death trap. Strong desire to get the p1800 going again but the pet spiders will be cranky. Nothing like a deadline to get things to happen.
  • Death trap 145? What happened?
  • bigalbigal (@bigal) Tasmania
    edited October 2018
    @1971_144GL I vote p1800! Might be a late Saturday night?

    I'm determined to be organised for car events and do everything the day before rather than the early morning rush. I think I'm there with the 145.. starts and runs fairly well. Saturday will be a wash, polish, put the roof rack on and a vac. Thinking about some vintage items on top to set it off - not sure yet.. thinking.

    I might slap some fresh 98 octane in and a timing check too.
  • 1971_144GL1971_144GL (@1971_144GL) Launceston, Tasmania
    No working brakes = no drive. Pedal to the floor fun. Master cylinder, so not a big drama. I think I will have a stainless sleeve installed.
  • Ohhhh, right that’ll do it
  • Working on Larry @bgpzfm142 ?

    My roof rack mounting is going well. Making up some rubber cushioning pads for the clamping points.

    Weather looking decent for tomorrow.. Mostly sunny and 21.
  • Larry's parked. I'll bring the 780.
  • Unfortunately i’ll have to go out for a look in the kia. The 145 has decided to keep cutting out on me after it’s warmed up.. there’s no chance of it making it there.
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