XC60 Air conditioning issues with xc90 2010

Hi guys needing some feedback on me air con seems to work ok when it's colder outside but if it's a warmer day takes like 10 plus min to work, and I think it's when the radiator fan cuts on it works.. Someone said could be control valve in the air compressor, any ideas? Would be muchly appreciated


  • If your in Sydney I can recommend Anthony at Bragg’s at Carlingford station. He is very good on ac problems
  • +61 2 9871 6182
  • Is external temp on dash displaying accurately? The CCM takes into account the external temp if reporting low such as 0degC or under zero the A/C will not cut in on the 2nd or 3rd attempt at calibration. Driver's door mirror connector is often the culprit, just remove and spray with contact cleaner and a/c begins staying on.
    This error cost me an entire Summer in a very hot car because I had no idea external temp was a factor.
  • Dan_xc90Dan Smith (@Dan_xc90) Brisbane area
    edited February 8
    I ended up getting this part from AliExpress for $30, getting a. Mobile air con guy to put it in and top up gas, been working fine for last 2 months. Apparently common failure in VW too in later model cars with a electronic valve /solinoid(not manuel type clutch) system 4PZGMCLh.jpg
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