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Perspective owner- Polestar Upgrade for new XC40

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Hi all,
New to the forum. Hoping someone may help/know... Getting a new XC40 T5 R-design in a few weeks (I hope, waited a while for it...). I asked about the Polestar upgrade as it’s been mentioned on a lot of car news sites a few weeks back. Last weekend I asked about it at my local dealer and they quoted $2490 for it! Yikes! Did a bit of searching on European websites and at least in UK and Germany it costs around $1600 AUD... I wonder why Volvo Oz is charging nearly $900 extra for just a software upgrade and a blue Polestar badge? Does anyone think it’s a rort? Or know where to go to either enquire or get the upgrade at a reasonable price? Thanks in advance...


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