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140 Volvo B20E inlet manifold throttle butterfly spindle seals

Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
Hi there and good morning !
I have been refurbishing my 73 144GL, did a lot of work on the inlet manifold and now am comfortable that it will be a vacuum secure thing except that there are fibre seals on the outside of the throttle butterfly spindle and whilst my ones are ok, I still would like to replace them before I put the 3ngine back together, when, hopefully, with all new sensors, injectors and other Dr Bosch Dark Arts devices, the D Jet will be alive! ‘Harry’ is in the last stages of a bare metal paint and panel, so I have been taking bits off and gradually replacing stuff while he is inactive.....hmmmmm
Thank you in advance!


  • Hello Mark, great to know that there's another 73 144gl out there. One of the rare survivors. Did you score manual overdrive with it?

    Teflon washers work well in that location with a little silicone grease. I have also seen orings used squashed against the face. But in reality if the shaft is not worn then air leakage will not be much of a problem for such a primitive system.

    Long live d jet. An awesome contraption for the period.
  • Super happy with the D-jet on my ES...never fails to start, runs great...smooth...I can’t say that about my 68 145 as I have not yet mastered the compexities of carburettors LOL! Can you share some pics of your 144 or do you have a build thread for it already?
  • Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
    Hi there 144_Gl and carnut222!
    Thank you for your replies, always good to get other people’s ideas and experience.
    The Teflon washes and silicon grease is a good idea but you are right, there is bugger all wear, but having gotten all the bits and they ARE all new, I really want my DJet working ok, the car has a Waggot 30/70 cam and tuned length extractors and all that worked ok before, the cold start injector stayed on for some weird reason NOT connected to the thermal timer, go figure...

    I should begin a thread on Harry’s rebirthing process, have scrounged heaps since I got him in 1974 in my first year in the Army at the Royal Military College, and all will find their way back into him, the roll cage I fitted for the Repco Round Australia Trial 8n 1978 won’t be tho.....

    Will post some more photos shortly!


  • Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
      Some photos showing the start of the rebirth8ng process....
  • Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
    And the manifold that started this!9f2zuIMh.jpg
  • Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
    Harry was a August 73 Singapore delivered RHD importfor a Singapore garrisoned British Army Major, he was posted to the Royal Military College in Australia in 1974, he had bought the car as a present for his wife, and she despised the colour and hated the wheels! He sold it to me and yes M41 box, 164TE vented front brakes and the Recaro Royals as a factory or maybe dealer option.

    It was a beautiful thing then, still is, and after the panel and paint work in the care of Grant in Narellan is finished in a few months and I can get all the bits in and on I’m sure he w8ll be a nice thing to drive about again.

    With him in my garage I will have a 60s, 70s and an 80s representative of the motoring world, one a twin SU 2.5 litre V8, one a Dr Bosch Brain Basement injected 2 litre 4 cylinder, and one a Japanese Oragami School of Panel Folding 3 litre V6. Photos attached.yegULloh.jpg
  • Wow, great project. Looking forward to seeing the final result.
  • Quite an eclectic collection of cars! Have you got any photos from when you competed in the Repco rally?
  • Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
    Hi Tim,
    I competed in 3 Torana hatchbacks and had two Volvo 145 wagons and my 144 as service cars, the Torana were scrapped, all the Volvo’s survived and apart from my 144, all were sold.
    I have moved around a lot with a military career, and in the predigital era the Repco photos were in a box that disintegrated over the years.
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    People have not had much success keeping the stock d jet running with bigger than stock camshafts, there is a guy with a p1800 in particular who went through this after doing similar to you but with an isky cam. End result was going to megasquirt or an aftermarket ecu, the d jet just can't handle the lack of vacuum.
  • Hi Mark, Enjoying your thread, recall someone from the fast talking about the problem with the D-jet mainly in the ECU and the fact that a performance cam allows increased air flow that the computer can't manage the way you would want it to.
  • D-jet can cope fine with for example the ipd street performance cam and street torque cam, even with overbore. My dad has over-bored his E and ES and I believe is running the performance cam, and my ES is standard bore and running the torque cam. I think the ipd cams are same or similar to some of the available ISKY cams. They all run great. My dad’s E is a real screamer. So it can be done. You can run an enrichment adjuster that modifies the coolant temp sensor resistor and fools the computer into running a bit richer to make up for the extra airflow if need be.
  • Is there someone in Oz that can complete these modifications to the ECU
  • Is there someone in Oz that can complete these modifications to the ECU
    I’m not sure. What my dad has I believe is a variable resistor that is put in series with the coolant temperature sensor, so no modifications were done to the computer itself. The resistor value can be adjusted to a value that the computer reads as being a colder engine temperature, hence it richens the mixture to compensate. The green books have the coolant temp sensor resistance values vs. engine temp, so a competent electronics person could make up a variable resistor to allow adjustment within the that the computer would reasonably expect to see. Usually it’s a one-time set thing, so once you knew the suitable resistance increase, you could replace the variable resistor with the correct fixed resistor. That may or may not make sense!

    Years ago some companies (maybe even ipd) offered exchange computers where they added a rheostat adjustment to modify fuel mixture across the rev range, but the external resister in line with the coolant temp sensor basically has the same effect.
    • Some photos showing the start of the rebirth8ng process....

    Awesome - you've kept the original overdrive toggle switch. :)

    It will be great to see another 1973 144 restored to glory, especially with D-Jet.
  • Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
    Saturday polishing, sadly 1973 alloy parts are all showing signs of neglect, so I started on an easy piece, came up ok, now for some clear coat. And yes, managed to keep the original overdrive switch and steering column mount, at least that survived being trashed in the interests of efficiency and the dodgey wiring of a switch to the side of the gear stick ala 244, I actually prefer it there on the column. The M41 has been serviced and Laycock working well, now the pressure is on to get the Dr Bosch B20E brainchild to fire up! Looking forward to that! Found a doner AC fitted 142, mounts, compressor and heater box being rebirthed, hmmmm do I try for the 164 power steering.....hope you are all well out there in Bolvo land!
  • 242GT242GT (@242GT) Wollongong NSW
    edited October 2018
    I bought an adjustable computer for the injection from IPD in 1998, actually Mark my old race car is the auto from your father's farm shed that was missing some panels etc.
    The modified computer wasn't a great success, had a variable resistor on a harness, ended up going with SU carby's.
  • 242GT242GT (@242GT) Wollongong NSW
    Next time your talking to Anthony and Helen please tell them I said hello, Anthony was a great president of the Volvo Sporting Car Club.
    Loved his 164's.
  • Mark_Walton56JB (@Mark_Walton56) Springwood Blue Mountains
    I did wonder whether it was you, I actually owned that 144 you had, and then followed your racing adventures on your site, will forward to Ant and Helen, they are in Toronto and both doing well, take care down there! Mark
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