Tip for plugging AW7x lines when removing transmissions

Ever had that 'meh' feeling when you're removing the AW7x from your car, when you don't want to remove the oil cooling lines? And you want to avoid swimming in a big puddle of ATF under the car?

There is an easy and quick cheat for this.

Ford XW closed end wheel nuts!

The cooler fittings on AW7x transmissions are Dash 5, which basically means half-inch, UNF thread. A while ago, I ordered some Dash 5 nuts from Summit Racing; they were a special order, and took a long time to arrive.

However, Ford XW wheel nuts are the same as pre-metric Volvo wheel nuts- i.e. half inch, UNF thread.

Same as Dash 5.


Which, as you can see, make a perfect cap for the AW7x's oil cooling lines.

If you don't have any handy, XW wheel nuts are available from Repco for a handful of dollars, and make removing / transporting these units far less messy and nowhere near as cumbersome than it would otherwise be, and using these means you don't have to chop up any old oil lines. These nuts are available with either tapered ends (for steel wheels) and non-tapered (for mags).

And if your Swedish treasure has pre-metric wheel studs, you can re-deploy them when the time is right.


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