[sold][Carsales] 1997 Volvo V70 T-5 Auto

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Hi all, in the absence of a reasonably price 850 turbo in NSW, i think this would be an ok daily driver substitute.

Seems low km bit of panel damage. Any thoughts? Is there a HUGE difference with the R? Or maybe just keep waiting for an 850........

There's another one...https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Volvo-V70-2000/SSE-AD-5646254/?Cr=9

but i prefer the older shape and this one has a few more kms


  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Etter interior in v70 but most rooted now leather is plether so shit. More room under the front guards than R, 850 but yeah, 850 shape! Maybe put 850 front panel bits on a v70!
    Stick s60 seats in! Or Alfa 159.

    Get a v70t, bigger motor, put bigger turbo and crank up boost, epic fun, better than the 2.3 by miles!
    cancer sucks
  • Hi Ed,

    I actually purchased the 97 V70 T5 yesterday afternoon! It was a fantastic buy and I got an excellent price. Genuine low kms, great service history and 3 keys. The car was originally purchased by the Canadian Consulate General.

    Lately it's been serviced by a workshop every year having only done 2000kms between each service and the timing belt was done by a workshop when the previous owner purchased it at 87000kms in 2013 as a precautionary. One of the benefits of purchasing from a well heeled gentleman. Currently sitting at 107,900kms after driving it home and opening up the valves and give the turbo an opportunity to stretch it's legs.
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    Nice congratulations. Best me too it lol
  • Thanks. I don't know much about the volvos, I like my 80s BMWs (E30, E28, E21). Just needed something reliable that could comfortably carry bumpers and side skirts. I hear these pre 99 Volvo's are bulletproof.
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