(NSW) For Sale 240 Air Con blower etc

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I have the full air con control unit/blower taken from a 1993 240 about 20 years ago, the car had done about 5000ks and was written off, the unit has been in my shed since. I imagine it will be of some use to a 240 owner. As can be seen from the photo it has all the controls, hoses valves etc. $100 probably best as a pick up only given its size/weight, I am in Annangrove call Walt 0424 000 749


  • bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 (@bgpzfm142) near Katoomba NSW / Launceston TAS
    @ab1 this may be what you're looking for - a complete swap.
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  • just what I need @bgpzfm142 however I managed to repair my box just in the process of cleaning the Evap fins which are disgusting before putting the new motor in. I wasn't aware the newer ones had the coil style thermostat
  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
    Not all newer ones use the thermostat, my 92 Is just a switch, no alco tube to break or have to replace
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