Greg's 79 245GL Barn Find



  • OK, finally got the bleeping petrol tank out. What a pain. Why am I doing this on the ground? The aluminium pipe/filler neck was stuck very tight into the tank so I couldn't get the tank out without the neck coming out as well. Finally wriggled it free. The tank was about half full of stale (Vintage 2001) petrol and about 10 mm of rust particles. What a stench. So if anyone thinks they're going to get a fuel-injected 240 that's been sitting for decades going again without some major work, think again as it's not easy. Neither pump works, although the main pump may just be stuck and I may pull it apart and have a look. Glad I decided to go the route of a donor car on this one. I suppose if you were doing it you might get by with new pumps, sender and a used (good/later model) petrol tank.
  • Been working on cleaning up the engine bay and interior body. Got some paint mixed up (3x rattle cans and a touch-up bottle). Matches well so I’ve started panel-by-panel touching up the small chips. Will have to re-spray part of the engine bay (RH side inner guard where brake fluid leaked and stained/removed paint and LH side up by the battery tray). I think I’ll paint the lower radiator crossmember and headlight mounting surrounds black as they’re not really visible anyway and I don’t want to waste the expensive yellow paint. Going to help @ds245 on his newly-acquired 93 240 wagon (getting it in RW condition) so a short delay on the hoist, then getting stuck back into swapping bits over from the 93 sedan parts car to the yellow wagon. Running out of room as it seems like all I do is pull cars to bits and stack the parts everywhere. I need to start putting Humpty Dumpty back together again so I scrap the 93 sedan body shell and make some more room!
  • What a sweetheart of a wagon. Good find!
  • That wagon is very naked! Good work Greg
  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
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    Taking a break from working on @ds245 ‘s 240 wagon and back on my yellow wagon project. Got the gold donor 93 sedan on the hoist now and engine is ready to come out. I was considering dropping the crossmember, suspension, engine etc but decided to pull engine first then pull suspension and crossmember. I was a bit worried there would be too much going on to do it all at once. The end goal is to clean up the B230E (yes, B230E was in the 93 240 sedan as the previous owner cooked the FX unfortunately so a dodgy mechanic put in a B230E) and replace any gaskets/seals etc and timing belt and put it in the yellow wagon, along with the complete 93 LH2.4 wiring harness, suspension, fuel tank etc. Remind me why I’m doing this? LOL!
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    To give it to me when done!
  • To give it to me when done!
    Right! With my labour even at $10 per hour you won’t be able to afford it! ;)

    Anyone else having trouble uploading pictures? I had a message “Server returned 0 code” when I tried to upload a pic to my last entry.
  • Xs4EyesXs4Eyes (@Xs4Eyes) Hervey Bay, QLD
    Yeah, same for me as of this morning.
  • OK I think I made a mistake with wiper pivots. I removed the old clip-on spline wiper pivots and mechanism from the 79 wagon and thought yay, I can use the newer ones from the 93. Now looking at it with the 93 being the post-85 cowl panel that’s higher in the centre, it looks like maybe the one wiper pivot may be longer on the 93. Can anyone confirm this? I haven’t pulled the dash etc out of the 93 yet so can’t measure it. I’m shooting myself now because I pulled the mechanism out of the 81 wagon I wrecked and it had the bolt-on wiper arms...then I turfed the mechanism thinking I didn’t need it as I’d be using the one from the 93...NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY! :)
  • When did they change from clips to the newer ones?
  • When did they change from clips to the newer ones?
    Not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure that 81 I wrecked had the bolt-on arms...maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I would have pulled it out initially if it had the clip-on style arms. I’m sure somebody here knows! I know all 86-later had the bolt-on arms.
  • Just found this link...looks like I should have saved the 81 mechanism as it would have been bolt-on...according to this 81-85 had bolt on and 86-on had longer bolt-on spindles to accommodate the deeper cowl. I’m looking forward to making a comparison. Maybe one is the same length and the other is longer? Might be able to mix and match with my other 87 parts car to make a LH and RH that work together?
  • I have an '82 that I can pull them out of if that helps.
  • I have an '82 that I can pull them out of if that helps.
    Thanks Ian. Once I get the ones out of the 93 to compare I’ll let you know if I need them. I’m now thinking the LH one may be the same length as both on the early cars, so I might be able to use the guts of the late LH one in the early RH will be a good exercise anyway and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot! LOL
  • Finally got the bastard (engine and trans) out of the 93 sedan. Was thinking I could leave the front end panel on but no. It all had to come off and all one piece welded together on these late cars. I didn't have the angle right and wasn't using an adjustable bar on the engine crane, and hadn't removed the bonnet. I know it all came out easy when I pulled the drivetrain for our EV conversion, but I had bonnet off and must have been a taller engine crane. Not fun and managed to dump trans fluid everywhere when I separated the engine and transmission. Wasn't paying attention to torque converter. Oops.
  • What trans is going in the 79 wagon?
  • What trans is going in the 79 wagon?

    M46...with LH2.4 dished flywheel.
  • Nice.

    Wanna finish it off for me? :)
  • Thanks, but I have a 145 that is commanding my attention. I'm only going from a B20A/M40 to B21.3(K)/M41. My initial control system change is from single Stromberg and dizzy to a 32/36 DGAV Weber and 123, not k-jet to LH2.4.
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