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Battery type and removal

Hello everyone my wife's 2013 V40 R Design requires a new battery, can any one here tell me what type of battery I require i.e. Brand name and specs and how to remove it and replace with the new Battery?
Regards VolKen


  • Battery specification should be listed in the owner’s manual. I know it is for my C30. Make sure you get the correct size as the previous owner of my C30 got one that’s a fraction too narrow so I had to stick a thin piece of plywood in to ensure it was tightly held down. Removal and replacement should be fairly straightforward, but I know on the C30 there’s a chassis cross brace that needs to be removed. Show us a photo of your engine bay and we can assist with that.
  • know1Know1 (@know1) Melbourne, Victoria
    Here's the procedure not sure of the battery model
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