[Vic] 1985 240 Wagon - Manual - $500

DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
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I had a buyer wanting to pick this up but they changed their mind, so it's available now.

1985 245GL B230E M46. Red with tan interior.

The good:

Fitted with rare early type genuine roof rack
Fuel sender/in tank pump, control pressure regulator, fuel distributor, injectors, leads, cap and rotor all replaced to get it running well. Steering rack has been rebuilt.
Runs and drives well, power steering and brakes feel good.

The not so good:

Has rust, worst areas are the rear right floor and passenger side sill, also bottom of the tailgate, below rear quarter windows.
Driver's door has dent and internal damage, I can supply a good condition door in the same colour for $50.
Front left guard has damage and paint flaking, I can supply a good condition one in the same colour for $50.
Tyres are old and stuffed, could be driven but I wouldn't recommended it.
Clutch seems to be worn, rattles a small amount at idle and pedal doesn't feel amazing, although drives fine.
Windscreen has a small chip, I can probably include a near new one.
Engine wiring has the normal coating falling apart. I can supply a new/remade one at extra cost.
Drivers seat base has collapsed, I can repair it or include a spare seat for parts.
It has been off the road for a few years now and would need a good tune/service.

I've driven it around some private property and it drives well, although haven't taken it on the road.
Doesn't include Tas plates or a battery. I only have one key and not much paperwork, but I have contact details for the person I got it from, they said they still have more keys, the service history, and the tow hook cover. but it was located elsewhere and I wasn't able to collect it when I got the car, I think they would be happy for all that to go with the car.

History: Sold new in Victoria to the mars confectionery company, it was a company car from 1985 to 1989, in '89 the company sold it off and an employee who had known the car since new and driven it bough it. I got it from them a few months ago, they lived in Tasmania for a few years, and had Tasmania rego since then. Rego ran out in 2013 and it it was parked in a garage from then till when I bought it.

Located past Ballarat, around two hours from Melbourne.
The last buyer offered $1500, but I'm guessing it's not worth that with the work it needs. Asking $̶1̶0̶0̶0̶, $500, happy to hear any offers.


  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
  • Mmmm b230e....
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    Now $750
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    Now $500, if it doesn't sell I will part it out.
  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    i want it... but victoria :(
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  • It's too good to wreck, park it on the side of a busy main road/highway. Someone will give it a good home
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    I want it too... Project... But not now.. Damn.
    cancer sucks
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    It's too good to wreck, park it on the side of a busy main road/highway. Someone will give it a good home

    Funny thing was I had it parked out the front of the house for most of the day, cleaning it, taking photos etc. once I was done I moved it back around the side with the others. 10 mins later a tidy/modified 240 drove past, If I had left it out they would have seen it.
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    I want it too... Project... But not now.. Damn.

    I would keep it and restore it, but I already own way too many.
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    Now parting out, but I can't get to it very often to remove parts, so it might take a while if anyone wants parts shipped.
    The follow is already taken:
    Steering rack
    Roof rack
    M46 and associated parts.
    Fuel pump
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    Let me know if anyone wants any parts off this, I don't get to go to where it's stored very often, but I should have some time over the next few weeks to part it out.
  • What head is on it? 530?
    Inspired by Jungledorifuto's 1980 GL
    Looking for a 240 74-79 model for round light front end conversion
  • B230E will have a 530 with K-Jet injector holes assuming it's original.
    I have over 300 parts for sale to suit 100, 200, 700 and 900 series Volvo's, for more info see: http://zyrex.org/gallery/Cars/acw/volvoparts/
    Updated April 21st 2016
  • I'm in need of Bendix Front brakes, how are the ones on these?
  • DCW242Duncan (@DCW242) - point cook. victoria
    What head is on it? 530?

    I can check if it's a 530, I might have a spare 530 without K-jet holes too.
    I'm in need of Bendix Front brakes, how are the ones on these?

    The brakes felt good but I never had a close look at them, I'll check what condition they are in.
  • Interested in manual conversion. PM sent
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