VCOA National Rally 2019 - Tamworth, NSW

20 April 2019
RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
2019 VCOA National Rally is being held over the Easter long weekend 19-21 April.
Hosted by the 1800-120 club.

It is already looking to be the biggest to date so I recommend getting your registration in as early as possible.

- The initial venue for the Sunday dinner has already reached capacity, organisers are looking into an alternative venue -

There is a distinct shortage of cars newer than than around 1980. Representation was huge at the Warwick rally so lets hope there are a few more to come.
Current: 1966 120 wagon, 1970 162, 1973 164E + supercharger, 1998 C70 T5 AWD Coupe, 2001 C70 LPT Convertible, 2008 XC70 D5 LE
Previous: 1979 242GT, 1980 262C, 1984 265GLE, 1985 740T, 1996 850R, 1996 850AWD .... among others


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