140 144 parking brake

I'm taking my 144 rally car overseas next year to do a rally and the dreaded asbestos problem is of concern. My parking brake shoes are probably original and therefore might contain asbestos.

Does anybody know a source of recently built, asbestos free parking brake shoes?




  • Can brake places re-line them locally? Otherwise it shouldn't be hard to get new pads with no asbestos. What year is the car?
  • Definitely easily available online (Google Volvo 140 parking brake shoes). Or try local parts companies or Volvo specialists like George Minassian in Qld.
  • It's a 1974. I'm near Gerry Lister. I'll give him a call in the morning.

    I couldn't see anything online locally. I don't want to buy from o/s because they don't all have our zero asbestos laws.
  • The bloody stuff just keeps appearing. I better pack my full face resporator for my sunday morning drives now.

    Keep us posted on this. Will no doubt come up against this one at some stage.
  • So far they're only concerned with cars coming into the country that might have asbestos somewhere - not just the obvious brake and clutch components, but also old insulation, gaskets, seals etc.

    It seems crazy that we can drive cars with these components in Australia, but if (like me) you take one out of the country then bring it back, they have the authority to crawl all over it looking for traces of asbestos.

    And guess who pays or all that, plus the analyses plus repairing the damage the inspection caused? The car owner of course.
  • I had a nos diff gasket that had asbestos by the look of it, a clutch and park brake shoes too (although those are not a surprise)
  • I had my diff rebuilt for the last COT and just assumed it would be ok. I'd better check that. I had a new clutch built recently to go with the new engine, and the clutch builder will alter his original invoice to say no asbestos.

    Gerry Lister is getting new park brake shoes for me from Sweden and I've asked him to make sure they're asbestos free and hopefully put that in the invoice.

    While I'm glad Australia's banned asbestos, this is a royal PITA for doing overseas rallies (or o/s guys doing ours). I've spoken to the relevant departments because I'm also involved in setting an English based rally in Tasmania/Victoria for 2020 and they just won't budge on any exemptions.
  • Sounds like you are well covered, I would doubt anyone would have used an ancient diff gasket anyway as they are a bit weepy over the years which new materials solved yonks ago
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