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Reno POS / The adventures of a tight arse with a 40yr old sedan.



  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    I'd like to see the wagon version that low!
  • Agreed. Oh if anyone's sees a wagon for sale let me know (y)
  • I blame Tom,


    And FYI, a $100 angle grinder has been the best purchase to date!

    Still some trimming, and I'm going to paint mine. But I can once more role with my 205mm Chinese rubber on my Pos 12. He he

    Cutting things is fun.
  • Love it! Haha
  • Well I've been a little bit silly..

    She now has plastic windows everywhere, and air conditioning!


    A pair of Cobra's, some belts, and with the grinder to the inner door skins, I've accidentally made myself a sport sedan.. :S


    After all this grinder abuse she is getting pretty light too


    This is important as It will be unlikely it will see more then 100hp. 1hp per 10kg. yeah that'll do. I'm still waiting for my sic bike carb manifold, so in the meantime I've thrown the solex and dumped a 32/36 DGV on it :3


    It goes like a fskin animal now. Suppose it's not difficult to be better then that single Solex. Heaps more torque and it feels like I have another 1500rpm of usable engine now (5-6500rpm) And this is still with shit compression (7.5:1). By the time I get organised with a cam it's going to be ok it is.

  • Xs4EyesXs4Eyes (@Xs4Eyes) Hervey Bay, QLD
    Please sir, may we have some more photos of the cobra seats? Happy with them?
  • Yeah so far so good. I think seats are bit like helmets though, just find what you feel comfortable in and you'll be fine.

    Having said that. I bought these of a mate without trying them, and yeah they are pretty comfortable.

    I feel like I nearly sit to high with the padding, I'll probably drive without it. The material feels nice, and I reckon it will wear pretty good.

    And they fit in my small pos, which is good.

  • Oh! They are Cobra Imola S
  • Xs4EyesXs4Eyes (@Xs4Eyes) Hervey Bay, QLD
    Thanks, so many fixed bucket seats are made for the skinniest of vegans. Cobras seem to be sensibly sized.
  • Yep. well If I'm honest, well... I just went about bought some jeans today.. I'm a 38 in the waist now. What has become of my youth!
  • Well the new old carb is great!

    I picked up another 10km/h down the main straight, with a max speed for the old nugget now at 145km/h, that thanks to those 205mm Yoko's I was able to hold it flat into turn 1


    I need to be brave under brakes.


    There is I reckon at least 1 second or 2 in there where it will then put me under the 1:30 demanded for the NSW state Supersprint champs :P

    She is still running the stock non vented 9" discs on the front with, 100yr old pads. Ah maybe there is 3" in there alone :P

    VIV LA SH1t Racecar.
  • bowieDan (@bowie) Sydney
    edited June 11
    The sh1t racecar continues,

    We had HSRCA at work this weekend so I was encouraged to take apart the Renault 16 engine I bought. These are aluminium blocks and heads, with big liners, and came anywhere from 1300-1800cc. They blocks were used in everything from the R8 Gordini, R12 Gordini, through to the A110 Alpine and with Lotus in their Europa's when they were still using Renault stuff. Different heads came and went along the way, but thats ok.

    The one I have is from a Renault 16 which is interesting as they sat backwards and so all the aux devices (pump, alternator) where driven directly of the cam. I.e there is no pully at the front, as the front of these engines are snug up against the firewall in a Renault 16 with the Gearbox out the front.

    So, these engines with a 32/32 weber are good for 100hp straight up, thats a significant increase to the 50odd currently in the 12, and without a large engine weight penality.

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

    These engines are getting rare, so I took the punt for $400 with one I knew had been sitting, but turned over and got stuck. So why not take the punt. Turns out, it had been sitting for, well...

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/nGedgD2cFzzyxinX8 (I'm digging the rust red rocer cover.
    https://photos.app.goo.gl/qYJXbg6myrPWExX88 (Hmmmmmmmm)

    Oh... and yes, we had dust come out of it.

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/VFEPgSafMoUifKo96 (Yep, all 4 are rusted to the liners. The small end moves if you smack it with a large hammer.. )
    https://photos.app.goo.gl/EQk45WkRaZrNL6EJA (I hadn't realised the valve gear doubled as the head studs. nice)
    https://photos.app.goo.gl/mmsuDXBYoeFK7Mzu7 (kinda pretty really)


    I was prepared for a freshen up, but cricky those tide marks on the block. I'm not convinced this wasn't rescued from the bottom of Vanuatu.

    A quick play on the calculator indicates I'm well into the 2k mark just for parts (Liners, pistons, cam, special fasteners, etc etc) and I'd still be left with a 40yr old engine with 100hp.

    Who knows how much machine work is involved probably another 2k there I suppose.

    5k for a 40yr old engine? :S


    I couldn't believe how the valve gear looks like they have been buried in the sand. Incredible.

    Everything is soaking in a thick mix of CT18 Truck wash, I'll spend another small fortune on degreeser and see what the bearing surfaces in the block for the cam are like. I suppose that will end this adventure right there and then.


    Anyone with a R 15/16/17 engine they have lying around they want to donate me? :P
  • Well a few hours of degreaser and a bristle brush later, maybe the block will be ok..

    Most of the high water mark has been coming off with a good scrub (this is after it was soaking overnight in thick truck wash mind you), The hard to reach places are left, I'll decide if i want to play with a scratch pad or have the entire thing hot washed first..

    I don't know about bearing surfaces, but there are no chunks missing so that's got to be good.


    The head is next, (ran out of degreaser and my fingers are bleeding) I may try to push the valves out now just because.

    Best take it to a Renault person so they can tell me if I'm wasting my time.
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    You know about Collier’s, I assume?
  • They are pretty much Mecca yeah.

    That's where the coin will end no doubt..
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