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Reno POS / The adventures of a tight arse with a 40yr old sedan.



  • Well it's done,

    And if the midnight squirt is anything to go by, this is going to be good.

    It revs much easier then it used too! I had to stop myself going past 5k in my quite neighborhood street where is would barely want to push over it before. This is probably more to do with the state of my old dizzy then any magic in this thing, And the state of my dizzy was the point in all this. Now I can sort any curve I like, this is going to be great.

    She idles at 850rpm easily (video above was it with choke still warming up) and more bizarrely, you can tell its programmed of a sign wave. It feels modern in how it overruns and settles to a target rpm if that makes sense.

    Very happy, looking forward to fang'in it on the M4 in the morning.
  • dmmDane (@dmm) Port Melbourne
    Nice work!
  • The title cracked me up!

    Wow the Renault 12 hey.. Dad had some of these and a 16. Cool cars!

    Got any pics?

    I saw a 12 come up for sale in Tas on gumtree the other day. I was tempted for a minute.
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    Indeed these early Reno's are cool. My first car was a 72 12. So very strong..... Sold it and had the misfortune of two Japanese cars from the 80's (very disappointing) and then an 81 244 Volvo. Never looked back.

    I've got an Australian built Renault virage 79 (aka 12) in the shed in nice cond. I'll add some pics in due course. They were never corrosion protected like a Volvo, but mechanically they were a charm. The engines just sound like a well oiled sewing machine that will never stop.
  • Anthony, Bigal, give in and get a reno / get it out :P

    Yes the later ones where famously put together in Melbourne where... well, yes little corrosion prevention was done. Mine luckily enough was an early one imported directly from France so it's surviving ok.

    You should totally post pictures of that Virage in your shed, I promise not to fall in love with it and or PM you about it =)

    My 12 looks like this;


    And then I got some old Renault 18 wheels that some guy had welded hoops on out to 6" (original wheels are 13x4, now with 13x6) and it looks great, doesn't scrub on the track after I belted the rear guards (they will end up with dato flares I reckon) and it handles so much better. A little heavier in the steering true, but heck, less body role, less understeer just from 205mm tyres. Tyres are important


    So whats left / in it?

    -I've got a set of Koni reds to fit in (need some springs made),
    -she has a 21mm sway bar at the front and a 25mm at the rear (similar spec to what they used on the 12 Gordini) not going to worry to much about them until I get the suspension sorted.
    -I have larger drums and discs (vented) from a Renault 17 to bolt on
    -Programmable ignition is in
    -And inlet manifold left to make in order to install those 40mm CVK carbs he he he

    So far, it's been a bloody hoot! Driving shit cars as quick as you can is actually fun.
  • bowieDan (@bowie) Sydney
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    Now for some dirty pictures;

    In regards to all that prior mucking around re seat rails, It's done.


    So turns out with a good ruler, there was enough meat in the arms once they were reserved. What we have here is M8's through the floor. I drilled out the original 7mm threads, bolt via the bottom, washers everywhere and it's pretty dam snug. The original bolt locations grab about 5mm of material, they are pretty substantial so it makes sense to re-use them, and it keeps cams happy.

    These brackets that came with my seat had been modded to fit something else before, so I grabbed a piece of 50mm x 3mm steel and cut it to 550mm in length, this mimicking the width of the front L brackets. 6mm high of washes all round has those inner bolts clearing the floor and one can tighten everything done.

    The other good thing was looking at the stock Reno 12 rails, a M8 bolt fits within it perfectly! Great! so I drilled out the passenger locations, dumped those stupid Philips head, 7mm bolts in the bin and now have lovely M8's everywhere.



    Oh, what about the seating position? Yes it's a little low. I will end up buying taller L brackets, and throwing that rear section of steel away. In regards to proximity to the peddles, I measured it in the passenger spot against the original seat, then simply marked on the L brackets where to drill. BAM!

    I hope I've stopped growing now.

    Oh, Those M7 original seat holes, yes they weren't ADR compliant. That was one of the changes made to the ones locally put together here. This is further testament of mine being that sneaky early one that was "never sold here I promise sir". When the 12 went on sale, the plant wasn't running to schedule so they snuck some over from France and pretended they were Australian ones.

    Dodgy bastards.
  • bowieDan (@bowie) Sydney
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    well victory was short lived.

    The thing started running crap. Suspecting my crap wiring I pulled everything out to check. nope all good, Multi on the Coil pack said it was a bit weak, checked and I wasn't getting spark, Ah coil packs go all the time. Nope still no good. Leads and plugs where 4yrs old, why not replace them too.

    Still no good, the only thing left was the ECU.


    That indeed is a coil driver looking very very sad for itself.

    The board is two sided, another glued under so it's a bit beyond me to repair. I emailed the manufacture either way to see if it's salvagable. For what it's worth it still drives the car with 2 cylinders.

    The thing was fused by 10amp (as per instructions) so I'm sad it spewed everywhere.

    Oh well. At least I know my crappy wiring wasn't that crappy :P
  • bowieDan (@bowie) Sydney
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    So I contacted the manufacture out of the blue, 42 pounds and they will repair it. Wooo Hooo.

    So I bought this second hand of Gumtree, it has a build date of 2013, I'm just impressed they didn't tell me to fsk off.

    That's kinda pretty incredible really for this day and age. New ones are $450 AU, I'll happily sink $100 on it to have it fixed.

    Oh the mob in questions;

    I'll let you know how it all goes.
  • That’s good service, nice
  • In the meantime, back goes on the dizzy because I've gone an entered a real event. State round Khanacross at Awaba this Sunday.

    Now I haven't driven the thing on dirt since they were last patching paramatta road, so I took a few moments to go play in a carpark.

    Ha har! The little nugget is ok.

    In second gear, with a bit of steering angle, jumping of the gas has the rear come out and turn nice and gently. Being violent I can turn it around 180 degrees but it's not the tightest. Never the less I was expecting just plough on understeer city so this is a pleasant surprise.

    By the end of it I was getting better at judging how much space it would take up sliding so I'm very much looking forward to this event now.

    The nugget but needed a $40 Supercheap extinguisher in the car, now it complies with the requirements.

    Come play at Awaba :+1:
  • bowieDan (@bowie) Sydney
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    Ok, this was amazing.

    Forgive how slow I was going, I barely know the direction of the circuit, which shouldn't have been that hard, bollards ensured you couldn't go the wrong way.

    STILL! Khanacross's are the best thing ever.

    The silly ol' pos was a riot. Steering via the accelerator was actually a thing. Lifting off had it spinning around and stomping it had it, well, there was a bit of one wheel spin but the ground was interesting enough to have it hook in eventually.

    Did I tell you how much fun Khanacrosses are?

    The Westlake Auto Club have this 4km facility that they cut up as needs be, being strategic with bollards they ruin or create apexes that makes it infinity interesting it would seem. There is quite a lot of altitude change and there are sections of long banked sweeping corners.

    Having said all that you would be mostly in 2rd gear all day just banging of the limiter if you were brave enough to get there.

    I'll re calculate my thoughts and come back later but holy crap. Dirt is the best :P

    Oh some points. (I was the fastest <1300cc heheh)<br>

    And Khanacross's are great!
  • So I contacted the manufacture out of the blue, 42 pounds and they will repair it. Wooo Hooo.

    So I bought this second hand of Gumtree, it has a build date of 2013, I'm just impressed they didn't tell me to fsk off.

    That's kinda pretty incredible really for this day and age. New ones are $450 AU, I'll happily sink $100 on it to have it fixed.

    Oh the mob in questions;

    I'll let you know how it all goes.

    And the ECU is back!

    So just to recap.

    -5yr old ECU I bought of Gumtree
    -It blew a coil driver
    -Sent it back to the manufacture whom was happy to repair.
    -$80 repaired and returned.

    Happy Bowie is happy.

    Now I might out a smaller fuse on it (recommended 15amp) I'll run a 10amp just because.
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    Forgot to add a photo of my Virage in hibernation.
  • Those tombstone seats! , that muddy brown 70's exterior. What a weapon :)
  • She's actually a gold metallic unfortunately, the muddy brown exterior is just a layer of shed dust. I used to live those seats so much I retrofitted them into my earlier 72 car.

    Only issue she has is a little difficulty getting into gear from time to time (the once a year she comes out), I swapped the gearbox oil for the correct weight researched from the Reno forums and still the same, only 140K total KLMs so can see why. I wonder if gearbox parts are NLA.
  • The 4sp box are still easy to get parts for, the 5sp ones that came in the Gordini and Renault 15/17 are getting harder to get bits for.

    Your in nsw? Colliers automotive is the answer :)
  • That's good news. I have been to Colliers for repairs on a Megane after the VVT pulley had a self destruct and dumped the sump through the top of the motor - they were fair and helpful.

    I'll take it to them when I put her on historic plates. My 72 Reno 12 was heavily abused by me (continuous dropped clutch burnouts and 95MPH sprints) and must've had similar KLMS and never played up - I'm unsure why this ones misbehaving. Motor and interior perfect, body 95%
  • 95% perfect! Stop making me jealous.
  • Well I left at lunch time to head home sick. The office was annoyed at me coughing over everything. I had the reno at work so I wondered over to the shed to borrow the hoist just to see if I got all the mud out from under it.

    The boys in the shed where having a slow day, skip forward till 9pm and now I'm home with the Koni's in, and the ream beam with the wagon drums, and the thing sitting ~100mm lower.

    Firstly the stock front shock was all but dead. Good timing really.

    And the length of the spring truly is amazing.

    The boys had some interesting tools at their disposal..

    Look, Red!

    We cut about 3 coils of the front and nearly two out of the rear. Well it was measured to be 100mm from each spring. Yes we heated up the end and flattened it out to make a better perch. Interestingly one of the lads here worked at a suspension shop prior, confessed this is what they used to do all the time. I was worried about cutting springs and he reassured that many stock after market variants ie. Low, Super Low, are actually the same spring just cut and flattened.

    As you can see however there are heaps of coils left, it was still a bit of a struggle to get in but the prior mentioned hoist, and then binding the spring in fence cable held it in place..

    The Koni's feel amazing. Absolutely stiffer compared to what came out of it. The Initial drive home was most rewarding. It's not crashy either. I can't wait to find a couple of round-a-bouts.

    Oh what does 100mm looks like? ARDC Skunk-vorks presents.

  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    I saw one of these last night on the Tullamarine fwy, while driving a truck. initially thought it was a 405 puegeot.
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