740 turbo sedan rear 3/4 "opera" window

Just smashed mine trying to remove for some rust repair. Anyone got a spare? Cheers Rich


  • ...need right side
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    Is that the little window aft of the rear door in the C-Pillar? I've got a wreck with this window intact. If I can get it out without breaking it then it's yours for $20 plus postage or collect.

    Problem is that the car is in Ashcroft (Sydney) and I'll not be near it for 3-4 weeks.
  • Great!, yes thats the one please I will take it. By the way, they cannot be levered out when you cut through the seal. I rushed it, tried and smashed mine. You have to carefully cut around and then cut around from inside after removing trim ( popping seat and parcel shelf off first)
  • Can you confirm it has the black lines? Thanks Rich
  • I thought they all had the black lines, but I may be wrong. I'll not be anywhere near the car for a while so I can't check the actual window till I go across to get it in a few weeks (I'll only pull the window if it has those black lines).

    I thought they were just glued on? I thought after the outside trim was removed I could just slowly pry it away from the inside using a small paint scraper or similar? It's coming off a car that is soon to be crushed so not concerned if I have to damage other interior trim as long as I'm able to get it out quickly.
  • They are just glued, but it is 30 years old and you have to get right under with a Stanley knife or similar. Try to lift if from the glue it will just shatter!! You can get right around from outside for top and bottom, so need to cut from inside when get to those parts. Get any trim push pins for me too as you rip the trim out please! ;-)
  • "You can't" access top and bottom I mean from outside very well
  • Just looked at a 90 model 740 I have closer to me to see how it's fitted. It looks like I may be able to slowly go around from the inside with a 1 inch flat paint scraper?

    The wreck has been infested with rats due to a door being slightly open with crash damage...... So I'll be avoiding spending time removing interior trim as much as humanly possible.
  • Lol, get a nose peg at the ready!
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