940 & 960 Car stuttering while cold

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My 940 NA is stuttering while cold. About the only thing not replaced lately is the fuel pressure regulator.
Its had leads, plugs, dizzy cap/ rotor, fuel pump and injectors bench cleaned.
Any ideas?


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    MAF will cause you drama if it's faulty when cold.
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    Ok. I know it is clean. Can I check that by using the OBD1? Or???
    Like I said it is only when it is cold other than that she purrs (well as much as a 940 auto can).
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    Clean throttle body and Iac valve with carb cleaner.
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    My 240 was doing a similar thing recently and it was due to an incorrectly adjusted throttle position sensor. It wouldn't even start when it was really cold.
    '88 245
    '88 245 turbo
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    So I did nothing. Well apart from another tank of 98. The car hadn't been driven much and this would be about the third tank since all the work. And now it's going great.
    Volvo426 I had cleaned most of those things when I first got the car. I think it just needed some decent fuel and an italian tune up.
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