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  • RaebirdRaebird (@Raebird) Springfield Lakes, Qld.

    Mine is really just a shed ornament at present 😔, but it will hit the road again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Welcome to 360 ownership!

  • @Scoonerman welcome to the 360 tribe. You should have a lot of fun owning and driving a 360. Treat them correctly and they seem to go on forever.

  • Genuine bosch green giants arrived today. I have some plans.

  • Ordered this "Stage 3" camshaft from Classicswede. Keen to see how it performs.

  • Decided to go with a 19t turbo.

  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    @ALVO360 I run that cam in an NA application, it's nice

  • That's really great to know. I was a bit worried it may not be the best option for me, but I'm keen to try it out. My poor 9mm rods will be put to the ultimate test.

  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Did you buy the 3mm lash caps that go with it?

  • @jamesinc yeah, I have some coming. I actually forgot, but dai had added them into the order for me. Wise fella that Dai. He does a lot of the thinking for me at times.

  • Exciting news, I've just put a deposit on a FT squirter motor from a 95 940se - Thanks to Mark at Berries Motor Group @iceton1975 . It's all happening now!

  • Went for a drive out to uriarra this evening. I was hesitant because it was nearly dusk and there is a huge amount of wildlife out there. My concerns were validated when one of the biggest grey kangaroos I've ever seen jumped almost 2 metres in the air, over a guard rail and was about to land on the left side of my windscreen with his legs and body! He was so close I could see the whiskers on his face and the shock in his eyes, as I turned that wheel faster than I ever had before and SOMEHOW managed to avoid him?!?!

    Not quite the adrenaline packed drive I was hoping for, but satisfying to come out of it unscathed none-the-less.

  • RaebirdRaebird (@Raebird) Springfield Lakes, Qld.

    All the POWAHH!

  • The things you can do with a cricut machine and (apparantely) too much spare time:

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    Adjustable cam gear installed. 19t arrived and I have a new harmonic balancer. Turned out that the harmonic balancer sheared off the locating tab from the crank gear. Thanks to @timbo for being legendary and helping me out with a new gear.

  • One benefit of not having the factory CPS bracket installed, is that you can use the port In the bellhousing to lock the flywheel and tighten the crank and cam bolt.

  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
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    On the clutches, one trick Ive read from Swedish forums that can make it survive at higher power is to machine the mounting surface down a little more than stock tolerance, it effectively ours more pressure on the clutch disc and compensates for the wear.

    Or, a flat drilled flywheel with a 240mm disc or the TTV option, but the only pressure plate option I'd use is the BMW plate which I hope is shorter than the 850r pressure plate that will probably cause clearance issues much like with an m46 240/740 bellhousing.

    While you have the new motor, chuck some rods in and even a stock 531 head on. Worth it.

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    @Vee_Que thanks for the info. The motor I intend to buy from Berries is a squirter block and it just so happens to have the 531 head. I was planning to put in some H beam rods, double valve springs and either get some valve cutouts on the factory pistons or just go with some aftermarket option with the cutouts.

    I have a cam and gold ezk unit on the way and stage 3 chips for both ecus from ClassicSwede (unsure of where/who Classicswede gets their chips from). I'll be getting the TTV flywheel and clutch combo from Classicswede later On, but I'm interested in the BMW pressure plate? Dai mentioned something about getting TTV to install different locating pins and bolt holes to use a specific pressure plate for clearance. Unsure of which one it is exactly, but I'll find out next time I speak with him.

    Also, maybe you can help me with info about the cam. I was wanting to put it in with my b230et with the 9mm rods for now. I've been reading about breaking in the cam and was wondering if the break in process will need to be done again if I decide to put it into another cylinder head? And would it cause it to wear prematurely? Would it ultimately be worthwhile waiting until I have the other engine before I install it? I really want to enjoy it asap, but not at the expense of wearing out the cam unnecessarily.

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    Finally fixed the oil leak. It was coming from my oil return pipe and was leaking because I have a flexible braided return hose, which flexed when the engine would vibrate, leading to oil seeping out of the return port in the block.

    It was hard to discover where the leak was coming from because the air turbulence was spraying oil a lot higher than the return port.

    I fixed it by loading up the retun pipe end with orings. I first fit the two orings which came with the hose and then squeezed on two oil pump orings. This prevents the hose from flexing and keeps the port nice and sealed. Very happy.

    Alternatively, you could put a hose clamp over the retun pipe and fix a spring to the hose clamp and the drill holes below the return line in the block.

  • 13c and 19t (left) comparison

    Motorsport engine mount and 940 bracket.

    The 19t from Mamba had two threaded holes on the exhaust manifold flange. I had to drill them out.

    The repair on the manifold has held far👍

    ^^^^^Green Giants^^^^^

    For anyone who's never chipped LH2.4 or EZK ecu's, this is for you (my first time):



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