Alex's 360 build thread



  • Volvo would have sold a huge number of these if they were released at a similar price turbocharged. Damn hot looking rocket!
  • Looks wicked mate!!
  • Thanks guys. She's definitely in the 'good from far but far from good' catagory. But so much fun to drive!
  • New wheels - 15x8 'Advan Racing" wheels. I may need to roll those rear guards, but I am very happy with how she looks.

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  • carnut222Greg S (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
    Nice - the black wheels suit it!
  • RaebirdRaebird (@Raebird) Springfield Lakes, Qld.
    Wheels look great!
  • Has anyone ever order from 'Spareto'? They're a company in Estonia and I've just ordered my caliper rebuild kits from them after my ebay kits from another seller didn't arrive. Shipping cost was fair and with DHL express 3 day international shipping, and the kits were dirt cheap.
    $60 for two kits delivered ($24 for two kits and $36 shipping).

    I'll report back with some feedback when my kits arrive, but I'm interested to know if anyone else has had dealings with them?
  • I rolled my rear guards as they were rubbing on the wheels. Took her out for some aggressive cornering to ensure there was no rubbing and I am amazed. The 8 inch wheels with a +25 offset really change the handling characteristics of the 360. The other wheels were 17x7 ET+38 but are like day and night when comparing the handling. It's like a turbo go-kart on rails.
    So good that I oversteered a couple of the first corners before I got used to it gluing to the road like it does.

  • Good work Alex, a real reward for effort! You will have to run the 360 in during a trip down Melbourne way.
  • Good work Alex, a real reward for effort! You will have to run the 360 in during a trip down Melbourne way.

    Funny you say that Laurie, I'm actually planning to do a Melbourne trip soon to go see my brother. If we both have time, it would be good to meet up?
  • Just one more...
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    I need opinions please - to flare or not to flare? I have reservations when drilling into body panels, but I think it would look good... but would it look good enough? Id be drilling and installing 'nutserts' to hold it together.



  • My vote is no flares. Looks great how it is.
  • No flares. Not with those wheels anyway.
  • Yup, no flares, looks great without
  • Thanks guys, exactly what I needed to hear! Drilling holes is my least favorite thing to do with cars, right up there with cutting and breaking things.

    "Flares! Flares for sale!"
  • Definitely no flares. Looks absolutely stunning without them
  • edited May 21 caliper rebuild kits arrived from "spareto' in Estonia. Everything is there and correct. Amazingly, I ordered them on Friday the 17th and they arrived on Monday the 20th, sent with DHL. I would highly recommend them based on my one experience 😂 I'm pretty sure that I couldn't have sent an express post package to my neighbour via AusPost and had it delivered sooner. Impressive.

    I've pulled the calipers off my spare 360 so I could clean, paint and rebuild them without my car being off the road. More pics to come soon.

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