S/V/C70 98 V70R ABS/ TRACS trouble

Son bought that Manual Black V70R on the weekend knowing ABS/TRACS lights were on and needed attention.

Pulled the ABS control module today to find it damaged beyond repair. Someone has tried to repair the circuit board but in the process destroyed and bent the plastic casing so badly that the solenoids do not operate freely. Only 2 screws holding it on was a clue to this misadventure .

We think the "9162675" i the correct module but this looks like it was one from a wrecking yard and has "c70, 98" hand written on it.

Our questions are:
Is "9162675" the correct unit ( It has "CONTROL-UNIT TRACS 2/4WD" also written on it.
Will the replacement unit be a direct swap that will talk to the ECU or do we have to take it to a dealership or run it through VIDA/DICE?


  • 98 means you can swap the matching part number in and good to go they're not programmed
  • Many thanks tim.
    Trying to rebuild the broken solenoid, looks like its lost its little shock absorber when someone pried the case apart. Stuck a piece of expandable foaom in there, seems to work the same as the others now. I'll reflow the solder joints as i dont like the look of the way they've been hacked. The I'll check if the replaced capacitor is the correct value for the board. Just hope i can find a picture of a 9162675 board to compare it with.
  • Mid west ABS info verifies this is the correct module. Thanks to an old thread on finding this lead.
    And it opens up the field for possible replacements via 3 separate part numbers:
    "1998 Volvo V70, V70R and V70XC with TRACS."

    "Volvo part # 9162675, 9140774, 8602266. For vehicles with optional TRACS traction control. All three part numbers are identical/compatible."
  • In fact any of these vehicles use the same module as the V70R with TRACS according to Mid West:

    98 V70 with TRACS
    96-98 Volvo 850 with TRACS
    98 - S70 with TRACS
    98 C70 with TRACS

    So I've answered my own question with a bit of help fromTim
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Midwest did one for me ages ago and it's still good.
    There is a guy in Melbourne and I think it's Voldat who has a lot done, not sure if any left atm but 160 odd bux? Cheap.
    cancer sucks
  • Will have a crack at reinstalling this mangled one once I reflow the solder on the suspect pins & reassemble.
    So long as the solenoid casings fit well over the valves I think it will work

    BTW : 98 S70XC WITH TRACS module also the same as 98 V70R
    I think they were the first XC70 models.
  • Repair failed, but not surprising given how brutalised the module casing was.
    James sold us his old module from his "glebe" 850R auto this afternoon
    Popped it in and it worked on ignition.
    No ,more warning lights and yes we have TRACS again.
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