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Parts thread

OvloverPat (@Ovlover) Sutherland Shire, Sydney
edited August 20 in For sale
Pick up is in the Sutherland Shire. Throw an offer at me, worst I can say is no. More photos and information can be provided for GENUINE enquires

940/740 Manual conversion. Most of parts are here needed to convert a 940 or LH2.4 740 to manual - Some items that are needed include
Clutch kit
Gearbox mount

The M47 came out of a car from a wreckers which had 230,000kms on it and the car in very good condition, so I am confident this is a good box. Diff ratio is 3.73. What is included in the sale but is not photographed includes:
Machined LH2.4 flywheel
Brand new genuine diff hub seals
Brand new driveshaft universal joints
Brand new driveshaft centre bearing
- $1000

940/late 7xx headlight parts. Adjusters and seals mostly. All brand new, genuine and never been used. They cost $450 brand new and i am asking - $200

1 X B234 Yoshifab Phenolic intake spacer. I ran this on my 16v for 50,000kms and it does make a difference, most noticeably on the highway. I used to get very surprising amounts of torque from it - $80

B234 upper timing belt cover front and rear with bolt, all genuine brand new and never used. Front is for an automatic tentioner and rear is manual tentioner as manual front cover is NLA but holes are all the same, just has the extra space on the front. $300

B234 rear timing belt cover for a manual tentioner. Brand new, genuine never used. $100

1 X Set of four S90/960 door handles. Originally bought to go on to my 940T but it's now sold. They are used and have chips in the paint. One is missing one rubber seal - $50

1 X V90/960 wagon rear door handle. Originally bought to go on to my 940T but it's now sold. It is used and has chips in the paint. I have the key to the lock somewhere which will come with the sale - $50

1 X V90/960 wagon rear door wing/trim. Originally bought to go on to my 940T but it's now sold. It is used and has chips in the paint and a small amount of damage on the ends - $50

1 X V90/960 wagon rear tailgate wiper arm, used - $50


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