Parts thread - NEW PARTS ADDED 08JAN19

OvloverOPat (@Ovlover) Sutherland Shire, Sydney
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Throw an offer at me, worst I can say is no.

1 X 7/9xx manual peddle box, used - $70

1 X V90/960 wagon rear tailgate wiper arm, used - $70

1 X 7/9/S/V Centre console. It could be leather but I think it's vinyl, really nice condition, no chips off the cup holders, used - $140

Turbo conversion. Primarily the little parts are for LH2.4 but nothing stops you from using it for whatever. 12b turbo on a +90 manifold which i can't see any cracks in. Most of the parts needed are here. I think one of the computers is a non-worker and the other comes up as a turbo computer in a google search. I forgot to add the downpipe and LH2.4 wiring harness in the photo. $500

940/740 Manual conversion. There is 95% of parts here needed to convert a 940 to manual - Things like a clutch and gearbox mount are the things i see that are needed to make it a 100% conversion. The M47 came out of a car at a wreckers which had 230,000kms on it and the car in very good condition, so I am confident this is a good box. What I forgot to photograph is the machined LH2.4 flywheel Diff ratio is 3.73. All parts are used - $1250

1 X 740 Turbo instrument cluster. Not sure if anything works. Comes with a spare front casing as the screen has a crack in it. Used - $10

1 X Vacuum bellow for an S90, genuine, brand new - $10

2 X 700 rear diff hub oil seals. Probably fit a 900 as well. Genuine, brand new - $20

1 X S90/960 ehaust manifold gasket. Aftermarket, brand new - $10

3 X B230 rear main oil seals, 2 Elring, 1 SKF, brand new - $10 ea or $20 for all 3

1 X 940 tail shaft centre bearing and 2 X 940 tail shaft universal joints. Centre bearing is SKF and unis are GMB, brand new - $20

Miscellaneous head/exhaust manifold studs, never used - $10 for all of them

1 X Set of four S90/960 door handles. Originally bought to go on to my 940T but it's now sold. They are used and have chips in the paint. One is missing one rubber seal. $80

1 X V90/960 wagon rear door handle. Originally bought to go on to my 940T but it's now sold. It is used and has chips in the paint. I have the key to the lock somewhere which will come with the sale. $80

1 X V90/960 wagon rear door wing/trim. Originally bought to go on to my 940T but it's now sold. It is used and has chips in the paint and a small amount of damage on the ends. $100


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