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Egads has a V50 now

I bought a new modern Volvo, such comfy seats :-)

Not picking up til Monday though. Was very impressive on test drive.


  • Daily after the lease on the Mazda is up in June. Keep S70 as backup car and dirt road smashing car.
  • Congrats @egads I know mine's a different variant, but I do like the fiddy.
  • Daily after the lease on the Mazda is up in June. Keep S70 as backup car and dirt road smashing car.

    Modification Plans?
  • No modification plans yet. Will let the car guide what is needed.
  • gavinhGav (@gavinh) Parmelia, Perth
    Congratulations, always had a soft spot for the baby wagons
  • Yup, they are a great, functional, thing and super roomy for freaky tall people. Came at perfect time too as I have cashed out my BTC so this car neatly eats my profit.
  • I bought a new modern Volvo, such comfy seats :-)

    Congrats :D Volvo seats are easily the best!
  • Will let the car guide what is needed.

    It will be telling you it needs a 3inch turbo back, CBV replacement, DO88 IC and a tune.
    Then, it will whisper into your ear, 'Give me some LCA bushes, a 27mm RARB and a new rear engine mount'.
  • Lol, will keep an ear out :-P
  • Do the rear engine mount now with the efocus part
    Everything else can wait

    Also haldex flush n filter


    Got history on t-belt on it?
  • Yeah, has solid history. I suspect front strut tops are half gone just from the feel, not terrible feel, just not good. Will see if D+H have done any haldex clean action on it and if not square that away too. Did these get a revised haldex setup at any point? If they did can you retrofit?

    Will grab engine mount and get it done.
  • Congrats on the purchase

    I doubt d+ h would do the haldex. Most of our customers rarely take up the suggestion of regular transmission and haldex services when offered. Hell, the local volvo dealer doesnt even do trans, angle drive or haldex services. Their attitude is if someone asks, there's probably signs of a problem that they will get blamed for anyway.
    If its under warranty and it fails, volvo will cover it, if not they throw out a massive quote that they make a killing off, if the customer decides to take them up on it) eg: angle drive sleeve failed so we'll replace the sleeve, angle gear and tailshaft to be sure, that will be $6000

    D+H usually call me with generic fault codes so i dont think they even have a vida+dice setup. Since vince sold up we have ended up with a fair few of their volvo customers. Even Vince wasn't really up to date with anything post p80. Not trying to trash them as doug is a nice guy i just dont think of them as volvo specialists anymore.
  • Got a bunch of bits on the way, Haldex service kit thingo, boot struts, got a gfb cbv and a few other odds and ends. Will give you guys a poke in the new year @timbo and get the stuff done that my back won’t let me do.
  • gfb

    ? Who's that?

    BTW. Don't believe what anyone tells you. You do not have to drop the subframe to install it. I've installed two without having any issues.
  • Im back at work from the 3rd of jan and can also do it one weekend if it suits too. Cbv is a pretty straightforward swap on a hoist. I should have mentioned i have a spare turbosmart k04 cbv since i swapped back to the k16. Maybe check if marcus has anything left over from his xr5 that will fit
  • Yup, very pretty little beasty
  • Got the CBV, an ipd tcv and the haldex service done today. Turbo kick feels gooooooood :+1:
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