Dads Volvo’s

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Hi all !
Thought this might be the best place to bring up my fathers Volvo addiction !
He’s had at least one Volvo since the mid sixties and currently has three.
123gt’s p1800 wagons 122 wagon 242gt he’s had them all !!
Currently there’s a 67 p1800 that he’s had since all most new.
A 740hp that was Bob Atkins - ceo of scuderia veloce - personal car. Black 4 speed with o/d and every available option.
And a crappy v70 that he drives around town !
He’s 90 as of last Sunday !
I’m keeping them active as he and Mum have taken residence in an aged care facility for some respite after the old girl broke her pelvis
I’ll post some pics over the next couple of days.
We are making a decision on there - the cars future shortly.
If anyone may be interested in the p1800 or the 740 please comment
The cars are in Goulburn nsw



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    You will very likely get interest here, but if you haven't done so, also consider contacting the various state based Volvo clubs.
  • bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 (@bgpzfm142) near Katoomba NSW
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    The 1800S would be interesting.
    71 1800E |73 144 |74 142 |74 145 |79 242GT |88 780 |93 945T |2010 S80 V8
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    As the new owner of a 20V V70 which is 70 years younger than your dad i cant tell you how much fun im having in this 5 sp manual wagon
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    Would be nice to see pics of the P1800. It's great that you're keeping the cars on the road.
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