4.56 crown wheel and pinion

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Anyone have a new 4.56 crown wheel and pinion for sale to suit a 1979 242?. I can get from USA for a reasonable price but thought I would check here as you never know


  • I might be wrong but I don't think anything in Australia got sold with anything higher than a 4.10
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
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    I think these were only factory fitted to ambulances, which we never got here, or available as an R-Sport item for motorsport.

    We may have got a few 140's with 4.30 but generally 4.10 was as low as things went.
    I have over 300 parts for sale to suit 100, 200, 700 and 900 series Volvo's, for more info see: http://zyrex.org/gallery/Cars/acw/volvoparts/
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    4.56s in OZ are as rare as the P1800s they were fitted to.
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    Easily available as an aftermarket Jeep part. I bought mine from Woody's Garage in Horns by, but I think they have changed their business and don't retail parts any more.
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    Thanks Spac. The contact I am into via ebay I am pretty sure will be them as it has Wood as part of name and is in Sydney and gets Parts in every two weeks.

    An Aussie classic Volvo Parts supplier can get for me but cant get until December out of Sweden.

    Failing that i can get via my USA contact but it appears you need to go via an Australian distributor that regularly brings in parts in bulk to save freight. So far dealing direct the best freight quote I have been able to get is over $450 which is more than the Parts cost.
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    Here is the fitting kit

    And here is the part required by Dana


    Yukon equivalent is their part number YGD30-456
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    That one is listed under the drum brake rear.

    This one is listed under the disc brake 1800 rear.

    Maybe it's the same kit with different seals.

    I may be wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that the disc brake diff was different to the (smaller?) drum brake diff in less obvious ways than the brakes and PCD. Eric from HP Auto will know for sure.
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    Thanks for the info and will check before I buy anything
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
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    I know very little about 1800s, but most/all 120s and very very early 140s have a smaller diff than the Dana 30, that was fitted to most 140s and to early 240s.

    The details are getting foggy, but I think the early ones have eight bolts on the crown wheel vs ten on the 1030/Dana30.
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    Wooder's, not Woody's. I missed being autocorrected last night (and had to fight it this morning).
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    That’s him. Dave
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    Here’s Anthony’s info for those that may not have seen it. I found it very helpful as is Anthony.

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    They do exist in 4.56 in the 140 model, but only on rare import models, and rare amoungst them. I have a 145 and 144 with factory 4.56. never seen another. The early Dana 27 is not going to work, different setup and splines. I find cvi in Sweden remarkably good for shipping heavy items sometimes, and from memory they sell the 4.56 for a decent price.
    Good luck with the search.
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    I bought one from Rob Henchoz (Amazon Cars) in Suffolk, UK. email at volvo@amazoncars.co.uk

    Great service, really nice guy. No idea about cost of shipping because I picked mine up in the UK.
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    Wooders JP at Hornsby can get them at a very reasonable price from USA and orders every two weeks.

    George Minassian here in Australia can get them but his source was out of stock for my timing and price not to bad either.

    I ended up going with Dana and getting them from Ian at http://hiperformanceautoservice.com who can source very quick and land them here for a very very reasonable price
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    Christmas has come early. 5 days from USA on discount freight. Thanks Ian and Hiperformance Auto

    Now to get it fitted

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    Would this fit a later model (1991) 240?
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    Dont quote me but I dont think so. My understanding is this is for model 1030 and later model is 1031 and there is a size differential.

    Google Anthony Hyde Volvo diff and an excelent article with pictures to illustrate or better still the link is at top of this thread
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