Manuals - Free (with some conditions)

Having bought V8 a 1997 V70 5M i ordered a haynes manual for this model. Funny how i've now owned 8 of these but never bought a new one.

Then i wandered downstairs to the workshop and saw a few old Haynes relics of prior VadVentures!
I have a 164 Haynes (for my 1970 164)
a 264 Haynes (for my friend's 1976 265)
a 244 Haynes (pre 1989) (for my 1976 245)

all of which i am prepared to give away before they go into the vinnies bookstore.

Proviso (at least until end Nov) is you pick up from me (Lindfield NSW) and you bring the car of the manual and let me have a short nostalgic drive... ah the memories!!

i also have an M40 box ex a 1975 build wine red 245 (the Red Terror) (HUV 808) which i owned for 10 y from 1980-1990. Has a bit of a buzz from the selector springs above 4k but otherwise free. Would suit a 140 from 1972 on or an early 240 also free if you give me a short drive!!

Best wishes - John C - 0476 823294


  • Hi John,

    If you dont have any takers for the M40 box I'd love it for some apprentice training for gearbox rebuilding.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    M40 may be very desired here!
    cancer sucks
  • What a fate - like leaving your body to science!

    Anyway I’ve had a prior eoi from an 1800 owner having my gearbox reincarnated into an 1800 is little short of wondrous so let’s see if he takes it.

    Manuals a bit slo tho don’t b put off by my desire to see your precious brick if you want on and want me to post it please let me know
  • Good analogy, it is a bit like leaving your body to science

    I'd rather see it keep another car on the road too! Stuff like that shouldn't end up in the bin!
  • @jrc i would love the 244 haynes. Unfortunately, I am currently Volvo-less :( more than happy to pay for postage though. Plus a photo of the last volvo i had. Should not have gotten rid of it!


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