Suspension upgrade for Inga, my 740GLE

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Just spent some time this morning under the car removing the old rear sway bar (16mm) and installing one from a 940 which is 19mm.

For those who want to undertake this the bolts on the rear suspension can be very difficult to move. Even after spraying them with WD40 I couldn't budge them. I applied enough force to lift the car on it's suspension all to no avail. In the end I jacked the car up and use the weight of the car to lever the spanner (leaning on a piece of wood). Not the recommended method but it was effective.
If only I had a hoist to do the job!

Here's a before and after shot.

Not much difference to see except the new one has been painted in Killrust "Sun Gold".

I also have a new front sway bar from a 960 which is 24mm (rather than the stock 19mm) being painted and it will be installed in a few days.


I'll also have a 21mm bar from a 940 soon in case the 24mm is a bit too heavy.

For both the front and rear suspension I have been buying the SuperPro bushes with a view to replacing them all. I had to buy the Whiteline 24mm swaybar front mounts as I couldn't find them anywhere in SuperPro.

I'll take more photos when the front bar goes in.


  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    We can supply the 24mm D bushes if you still need them.
    You can contact us via our website - email is definately best (or phone AH) at the moment.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Nice work! I like the colour too!
    See if you can buy some Penetrene in a yellow bottle , it makes WD40 look like aftershave....
  • Thanks Snoopy I'll look around for that.
    As I said Ash I bought the Whiteline ones which are yellow so they'll match the bar.
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    I missed that in your post O&D, I just saw that you were struggling to find SuperPro ones. We have them in stock.
    I'll do my best to resist the urge to help out without reading a comment in its entirety in future. ;)
  • No problem. I would have preferred to have them all SuperPro but such is life.
  • nickmnicko (@nickm) Sydeneee --- home of the traffic jamb, over priced coffee, and the 2000 Olympics
    The front radius arm bushes will give you the most improvement, and the camber mod on turbo bricks.
    Poly phanard bar ones are a good upgrade too.

  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    I recommend against changing ALL the bushes with polyurethane bushes as it will make the ride less compliant.

    Doing the rear sway bar shouldn't have been too hard, it's a matter of supporting the body and undoing 4 bolts, they can be hard to wind the bolts out of the control arm I guess.
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    Did the front sway bar today, same problem undoing the link bolts. Eventually got them undone and have now installed the 24mm bar from the 960. Superpro bushes on the links and Whiteline bushes on the swaybar mounts.

    I also got my local mechanic to press out the panhard rod bushes and replaced them with Superpro ones. The handling has definitely improved without it becoming too heavy. I'll do some more driving tomorrow to confirm that and I'll post some photos I've taken.
    Diff area with panhard bar removed:
    Out with the old:
    Nice to have a press available for this!

    In with the new:

    The new front bar in place:
    (Sorry for the quality of this one)
  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
  • TigabuTiga (@Tigabu) Sweet Home Norwoodama
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    She is clean under there!
  • That's because a paid someone to spend time with degreaser and a high pressure hose while Inga was up on a hoist. It looked very different before that as there was extensive oil leaks due to a clogged flametrap in the crankcase ventilation.
  • AshDVSAsh (@AshDVS) - Geelong, VIC
    With your front swaybar D bushes.
    If you choose to use urethane, which you've done, it is also wise to drill a small hole in one side of the bracket and screw a small self-tapper into the bush through the hole.
    The urethane bush doesnt as easily 'grip' the bracket and can deform and move around.

    The self tapper simply helps to locate it and keep it there.
  • I have the brackets & bushes from the 960 and they are much bigger. So maybe I should use the 960 brackets.
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