Dans 1992 940



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    Dyno day with @Klaptrap24 was highly successful today! Mine made 70.3 RWK at 165 km/h and 197 NM of torque.

    Kevs made 83 rwk!! :astonished:

    Just made a quick imovie edit of the runs and i'll upload them on Monday when I have some decent internet!!
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    Tyre ratios probably have to do with that I'd imagine!

    Wait, it would rev to 7000rpm?
  • So you have a 240 shaft for it?

    ^ This, because 740/940 layshafts may not have a dizzy drive on them.

    However if you choose to use a wasted spark type system and eliminate the distributor entirely, you won't need a 240 one.

    Either way, you'll also need another 16V cam gear to put on the layshaft, since the 8V ones aren't as wide, and that layshaft runs the oil pump.
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    Tyre ratios probably have to do with that I'd imagine!

    Wait, it would rev to 7000rpm?

    Yeah!! I couldn't believe it either. Revved all the way out to just over 7000 rpm and thats where it made peak power. Tyres on it are 205/60/15.

    Edit: I'm a dumbass and that's not actually rpm... 😂

    Thanks @bgpzfm142 I already knew about the secondary 16v cam gear, cheers for the dizzy info though.

  • Yeah you made nearly 30nm more torque than me though which makes sense given our tyre sizes and our rear ends (my tyres are slightly taller than yours and I have a 3:73 vs your 4:10)
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    Did they lock out 4th gear on this car too? 173kmh is definitely 4th gear Territory and overdrive.
  • They did the run in third, told the guy to leave it in drive and just press the od button so it holds the gear. It hit limiter at 162 kmh. Hahaha one day I'll have to explore that claim of 173 ! 😉😂
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    At 4000rpm it would be doing 120kmh, at 3500rpm it's 100kmh, at 3000rpm, 85ish. So I guess it maxed out. But the Dyno sounds like a happy one against dyno runs done with similar cars in Melbourne.
  • Yep might be happy but I've also got a cat + rear muff delete so maybe that helped it a little bit
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    Where did you go for the dyno run?
  • @jamesinc Elitepro dyno tuning in Padstow.
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    <iframe width="480" height="270" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/TYnC0w7b_YI"; frameborder="0" gesture="media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Extremely poorly produced dyno video is now live @Klaptrap24
    Sorry for the vertical footage as well. Wasn't planning on making a video out of it
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    So this afternoon was a bit productive. Pulled the king Springs out of the parts 940 so they can develop a relationship with a hacksaw 😂 (unless someone wants them)

    Also pulled the electric mirrors out of the 740 and compared them to the 940 parts car, it's got the wiring and everything ready to go just unplugged which is awesome. All you need to do is swap the window control module thingy and plug the mirrors in! No more reaching cross the car to adjust them woohoo.

    Should be a good weekend ahead.

  • Ah. Bummer. So this is why I couldn't find a single thread on the interwebs about putting 740 Mirrors on a 940. So who wants to swap 740GLE elec mirrors for 940 GLE mirrors?

    Also had its 140000km oil change today :)

    Should be good until the new engine gets dropped in ☺️

  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    Can't use a 740 trim strip too?
  • Not too sure James, i'll have to have another look next time i'm near the parts car. Don't think i'm going to worry about it for now though.
  • Spent all Saturday detailing Skara for the first time in her life! Cut, buff, polish and wax, all up took about 7 hours with two people.
    Can't get over how good she looks I'm in love all over again ! Paint is actually reflective now! Have wheels coming on Monday, so excited :)

  • Time for a long overdue update! Some of this will be out of order (and highly condensed) as its pretty much everything from the last 6 months!

    First up was a new Alpine headunit. Absolutely sick of Fm radio and needed bluetooth so I got this for a good price. Due to the fact that they have a factory amp, you have to buy a amp bypass harness and wire your headunit harness into that. Pretty easy for a great benefit, the internal amp of the HU powers the factory speakers so much better ! (Also wired in a seperate amp and sub for extra doof doof)

    Next up was cleaning the 16v head with the homemade coke bottle sandblaster trick. Then off to the shop to get decked and cleaned up, new valve stem seals etc

    After that, finishing up the rebuild of the m47 with new bearings, reverse gear and selector. All done in house, took the longest due to the fact that the shipping of extremely hard to find parts takes a very very long time. Keep in mind that the car this gearbox came out of was a 940, which had everything from a 240 adapted to it. So it was bodged. Had to order new clutch pedal, master, slave, clutch kit, hose, and a bunch of other things I can't remember right now.


    Next up was wheels (Finally). Was stuffed around for months by PWA, ended up ordering them directly from the manufacturer. 17x8 +15 with a 235/45/17 Bridgestone re003 tyre. Just a PSA for anyone ordering custom wheels for a 7/9, you're safe to go with a +20 offset in this size without fouling on the strut tower. The front wheels sit perfectly flush with the guards now and only scrub on the inner plastic fender lining.
    Also have window tint now, makes a huge different on the warmer days, +less grandpa effect.





    Finally, time for the manual conversion.
    Auto out SilmQGCh.jpg

    Manual in

    Also pulled the entire exhaust system out in order to install the new KL Racing headers I have had sitting around for a while, only to find that they don't fit and interfere with the steering column. TDLR don't buy KL headers if you have a RHD car. lIdhiZph.jpgKrWzxWxh.jpg
    Put the stock system back on and managed to fix the god awful rattle that it had previously.

    Bought a Sellholm short shifter. Extremely nice quality and best of all, 4 DAY SHIPPING FROM SWEDEN!!!! Couldn't install it until the new centre console and seals etc arrived from skandix (As I mentioned before everything was bodgied from a 240). I must say, this shifter completely transforms the way the gearbox feels, its night and day. So smooth into gear, so direct, no movement, the knob is metal so it doesn't flex under your grip, honestly 10/10 purchase.

    And last but not least an update on the b230+16v engine build, got the head back last week and found a hole straight through the port through the water jacket. A bit of a setback but hopefully shouldn't be too difficult to aluminium weld and get back on with the build. RRFjK4Zh.jpg

    I'm happy with the way it is at the moment and this is the way it will stay for a fair while until the engines all done and ready to be thrown in. Some future plans for it though are a brake upgrade (Already have some pricing from DVS, thanks Ash), bigger sways f+r, and once I win the lotto some Kaplhenke coilovers for moar low and a drivers bucket seat. Cheers all :)
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