[GUMTREE] 1997 V70 Manual White $1.2k - bit ratty but right for price

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Looks pretty good for a usable car, add on 1k to make it right from whatever has been neglected.




  • Looks like na
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
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    NA 20V from the rear badges.
  • jrcjJohn C (@jrc) Lindfield NSW
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    Maybe a bit more than $1 k needed

    I had a look over and a drive last night. Has new tyres
    Has an oil leak from rms area it needs a new clutch soon (spoke to mech) and abs light is on and yes it locks! Air con , cruise doesn't work but most other things are ok. Quoted 2500 to fix clutch and rms. thinking about it,
  • jrcjJohn C (@jrc) Lindfield NSW
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    Body is good no rust but seats need a good dose of leather oil
  • jrcjJohn C (@jrc) Lindfield NSW
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    Also most front engine items timing etc renewed 25000 k ago
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    Was checking it out for the gearbox. A bit pricey for a donor car.
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    well i bought it anyway. back with a Vbrick after 4 years away.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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    Abs unit can be repaired, look in the info section on here. Or send to Midwest ABS in the states, they send you good one, you send yours. Will use them again.
    Get your parts supplied from FCP, have your man put them in.

    "XC90 Jerks.

    That a description for me and you bigal?"
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    Thanks for that snoopy good leads
    This car is to get son no 2 to drive in
    The 855 his brother learned in was in another radar thread about 3 months back - unregistered in Melbourne!!
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    This car is sold - if someone (moderator??) can mark it so please

    FYI I've put a pile of meguiars into the leather already also the left headlight lens is broken - anyone got one they want to donate ?

    It does need a little restoration so I might write that up in another thread - which section?
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    Sorbalene cream is recommended to clean and nourish real leather by my leather expert mate. I have used it to great effect but what cars since early 1980s have is leatherette, vinyl backing with a veneer of leather so once the thing does out it needs filling with liquid repair stuff, buffing and dye.
    Or buy new skins...
    I got V70R with big hole in seat back bolster from cracking, very annoying.

    Philia_Bear will have parts.
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    Okey dole, will close this thread. Make a new one in garage/rwd.
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