Project 264 - take 2

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Hullo all.

I used to have a mint condition gold 1978 264 GLE, it was so mint but one night a gang of youths *shakes fist* set it on fire at a skatepark. I tried unsuccessfully to catch one but I had just come back from the hospital after breaking my arm a few hours before. Then I had to watch it burn *cries in the corner*.

I always dreamed of owning another one and a few years ago I bought this 1977 264 Anniversary Edition :) . I drove it as my ''daily'' for a little while but it was just never reliable so I put a car cover over it almost 3 year ago. At the time I wanted to drop an LS1 into it but eventually decided that id make a performance car out of something else (stupid turbo Falcon) and one day make this mint and as original as possible.


She needs a paint job as its got a few chips. The only major rust I know of is one 50c sized bit in the door frame. Probs have to do a cut and weld job there as its all the way through to the rubber. Interior is in mint condition with blue felt/swede/something seats, except for one rip that I stupidly gave the back of the drivers seat with a car jack.

Donor B280(e/f?) engine and gear box from a 1991 960 and lowered suspension bits and pieces are all waiting to go in. I'm also getting a quote for extractors and custom exhaust which I think ill go with. I have a manual pedal box conversion but decided to stay auto for now. Other than that ill just clean up those weird rims that are on it and get the windows tinted and do a battery to boot conversion to get the engine bay looking clean as possible.


  • Nice that you've found a successor to your lost car. It's truly tragic and sad to hear of a car being vandalised like that. :(

    The B280F from the 960 should work very nicely. While you are changing the transmission over to the 4 speed auto, it may be worth noting that the BW55 (3 spd) floor lever and the AW71 (4 spd) floor levers are slightly different - they are angled differently down at the business end, where the rods and levers connect to the trans.

    What do you have planned for the speedo drive? The later model transmissions don't have a mechanical speedo drive as such on them.
  • Yeah very sad.

    Ah well im not sure of the exact way they will change the mounts but i have discussed with the mechanic that it does need changing a bit to fit.

    And for the speedo I thibk i will install a small digital gauge on the exterior of the dash. Eventually i would like to cut out thw internal speedo odometer part and replace it with a sort of matching digital one. But still open to sugestion there.
  • For the speedo, one way around that issue is to get a late model 240 diff with an electronic sender in it, then wire it up to a 86 or 87 model 240 instrument cluster which has an electronic speedo in it.

    Alternatively, there is also a motor and electronic sender unit commercially available that allows one to attach the motor unit to the existing mechanical speedo, then an electronic sender unit is attached to a late model 240 diff (or a sensor that reads the speed by tailshaft rotation, etc), which sends the correct numbers of pulses to the motor to drive the speedo motor. Only problem is that the sellers want a small fortune for it, and I'm not sure it includes a kit to get a signal from the tailshaft if you don't want to do a diff change.

    A third alternative is getting a transmission rear case section which has the mechanical drive boss for the speedo in it, but the availability of it depends which type of auto trans you're going to use.

    (Being in NSW where we have annual roadworthy inspections, I have to consider such things as a speedo drive for my highly modified car-in-planning, y'see).
  • I wouldnt mind changing diffs if i could get an exactly matching speedo area. But if it has to be from an late 80's one then guessing it wouldnt be direct fit.

    I have seen the mechanical to digital conversion things, I looked into them for my bike. Even if it cost a bit more i would be more inclined to do that than have to change the dash.

    ... in nsw you have to get a roady every year???
    I hadn't considered what the go would be for roadworthy if im not using the original speedo and odometer...
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    You can fit a 240 rear housing with a speedo drive on. That should solve it.
  • Would the 240 housing for be direct bolt on for the 4sp 960 trans or does it need some work to fit?
  • Just had a bit of a read about it, not sure if i have the aw70 or 71. If its the 70 its direct fit but the 71 has different tailshaft and is a bigger job?
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
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    It will be a 71, externally they are the same in my experience. People have put the gearbox in 264s before and not had to change the rear end.

    You would need a housing from an 85 240.
  • Well thats good news. Should be pretty easy to find one of them.
    Thanks :)
  • JocrisBeva wrote: »
    ... in nsw you have to get a roady every year???

    Sure do! Same for anything that's more than 5 years old.

    I was thinking that you could perhaps change just the cluster over, not the whole dash. The hole for the two cluster units are of very similar dimensions. Years ago I fitted an 82 cluster in my 73 144 and it looked 'at home'.
  • Nanny state hard at work :p

    Ah yes, well I'll have a look into that option as well. But hopefully the rear housing swap is the goer so I can leave it all as is.
  • JocrisBevaJake @JocrisBeva Brisbane
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    Went and gave the old girl her first wash for a couple of years. Degreased all the engine bay aswell, it looked like an oil bomb went off in there. Almost ready to ship her off for the transplant. Please excuse the flat tyre :p

    Forgot my keys though so no interior pics yet.

    Remembered I also have an airdam burried away in the garage.




  • JocrisBevaJake @JocrisBeva Brisbane
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    Just got her new set of rims delivered. They are a bit worse for wear, looks like someone has had a go at trying to fix up all the gutter rash. With a good bit of patience and elbow grease they should come up nice.

    Also can anyone see the pictures ive uploaded or does it say "please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting"

  • JocrisBeva wrote: »
    does it say "please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting"

    Even less reason to use Photoextortionbucket.
  • Wooaah i just looked it up and they want like $400 a year now. What the hell, ive got a couple of years of threads using them, that sucks, going to have to download all my pics and find someone else..
  • Vee_QueVee_Que @Vee_Que South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
    Imgur is good.
  • oVkb8j4h.jpg



    Maybe this will work...

    And ill get the imgur app and see how that goes.
  • WXccIoGh.jpg

    Dug up a photo of project no1 :(
  • Shes back! Picked the old girl up today and drove home on a day permit.

    Ran really nice, handled well apart from the rear end being a little soggy since its still got the very old shocks back there. Also had a boot full of leftovers.

    I got home right on sunset so I only got these three quick phone snaps of the exterior. Will get more of the installed goodies and modifications over the weekend.

    Sounds realy nice with the extractors and twin exhaust. Wish the aw71 heald gear long enough to get the full effect :p



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