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Tools opinions: need a 1/2" set, budget is a couple hundred

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Okay, many of you are probably saying how the fuck did I rebuild an entire car from the shell up without even owning a 1/2" set, and the answer is because I am huge and have powerful, vice-like arm strength that can beat a 3/8" ratchet set into submission. Hell even my breaker bar is 3/8".

In my old age I've decided its time to source a decent 1/2" metric set, and I would be keen for opinions. My 1/4" / 3/8" set is Kincrome, and I am very happy with it, aside from breaking the small breaker bar (by putting 3 feet of pipe on the end of it and pulling too hard). And losing the 10mm 1/4" socket.

Keen to hear what you're wrenching with and if you think it's the thing I should buy.

Further notes:
- I own a selection of 1/2" impact bits up to 24mm for the rattle gun, so do not need a set that includes impact bits also.


  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
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    Happy with my Stanley 8~22mm set I bought 10 or 11 years ago, but wish I'd bought the larger kit.
    The lack of sockets 24~32mm is annoying, and the supplied breaker bar is too short to be useful. I have a jumbo sized HD breaker bar which is great when you need it, but usually it's just too big and awkward. Something in the middle would get used a lot more than either of the current ones.

    Quality is good. Haven't broken any sockets, even when really leaning on the jumbo sized breaker bar...
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    So as long as its a 12point your laughing.
    Kincrome is very good value for money.
    My 3/4" sockets handle a 1/2" drive rattle gun regularly. No signs of warping or damage.
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    This is the set I have (2 sets actually... )

    Supercheap does it for $100 pretty reguarlly

    This is the newer and IMHO better version

    Yet to break a single socket or part of the set and they get used with the 1000nm impact gun on a regualr basis
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
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    I have sid chrome for work, but I like sp for home like I have. And these ratchets are great from gear wrench. I use them at work and home. lygwvLBh.jpg

    I do use generic rattle sockets, they are made thicker, no need for sidchrome etc in that case, I love my deep sp socket sets also. But I do use 3/8 a lot when working on cars, my 122 I would alternative, basically based off the need for imperial at times. Or the rattle gun.
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
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  • 7585 / 64joined Jul 2013
    Mmm... reminding me... I very much love my snap on ratchets... about the only thing I will seriously splurge on...
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    I have several different sets from Sidchrome 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2, some Aldi specials which while they might seem cheap are made in Taiwan to German specifications. Have to agree that the Snap-On are something else.
    The main socket set though is Sidchrome and they have seen a lot of use over the years
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    Go to the markets and buy old Sidchrome or Siddons, best stuff money can buy.
  • nickmnicko (@nickm) Sydeneee --- home of the traffic jamb, over priced coffee, and the 2000 Olympics
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    If you you can get a 6 point set. 10mm up to 30mm
    try a sig
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    What are these markets you speak of?
  • Vee_QueVee_Que (@Vee_Que) South Eastern suburbs Melbourne.
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    Mmm... reminding me... I very much love my snap on ratchets... about the only thing I will seriously splurge on...

    I'm not a big fan of my snap on long flex head ratchet vs my gear wrench one. Same length, the gear wrench is a finer tooth and stronger, had to rebuild the snap on one twice now, and it's a hassle to get the parts.
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    If you you can get a 6 point set. 10mm up to 30mm

    Agreed, need 6pt in addition to 12pt
    12pt loves to strip anything headbolt
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    Try Cash Converters
  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed (@PaddlerEd) New England Region, NSW
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    I've still got the Crescent set that I got from PB and Brendan before we went on the road in the van 6 years ago...

    I have added a few other sockets to it:
    -1/4" deep sockets (3mm to 14mm)
    -1/2" deep socket (10-21mm)
    -Some odd sizes for different things

    Keep an eye out for specials at the usual suspects, but decide what you want to pay for it in advance...
    good old fArmidale, where money comes in both kinds; cash and grog
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    What are these markets you speak of?

    I'm sure Sidders has markets that sell anything and everything, Parklea /Blacktown weekend markets that I use to go to did, garage sales, deceased estates, swap meets are all places that I've picked up hand and power tools, even found SST's for flatheads, reamers and guides even 1/4 drive WB tension wrench and full BW35 service kit, just gotta look and barter.
  • jagardhJohan (@jagardh) Brisbane
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    My old man had a Koken set which I used to borrow, probably 25 years old now and still perfect, has been used to rebuild 4 cars now, bits of pipe on the end of ratchets, you name it nothing can break it.

    I have Sidchrome now, it's ok but the ratchet itself is not a patch on the old Koken one, also the soft handles tend to break down pretty quickly when you have oily hands, even though it gets cleaned every time it's put away.
    Once I kill the Sidchrome ratchet I'll probably buy a Koken 1/2" but keep the Sidchome sockets since they're ok.
  • egadsegads (@egads) Yass NSW
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    Ooooh, bahco. So indestructible.
  • nickmnicko (@nickm) Sydeneee --- home of the traffic jamb, over priced coffee, and the 2000 Olympics
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    14mm 12 point and head bolts found out the hard way.
  • 5966 / 335joined Jul 2013
    Mmm Bahco. But also, flex head ratchets. What a tough decision.
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