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Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
For those of us here in Tasmania, most will know there is a never a 240 series from my house. Currently I've got Bruce Lee, which is a 245 GL in duck egg blue that I got from Mark at Berry's, made mechanically sound and now lives with a friend of mine. Bruce comes home every few months to get a bit of care and attention. Recently I purchased Verdi Amego, a 245 L from 1979 in a striking colour of Green. I tidied it up made it roadworthy and gave it away because I really didn't need it and besides, tucked away at friends house I had my latest addition tucked away for a rainy day - I don't know if it is raining, but the opportunity came to finally liberate it and bring it home, so I'd like to introduce the Sports Biscuit, a 1978 244 DL in manual with a mere 375,000 kilometres on the clock - sold new by Bessant Motors Volvo and maintained by them until they turned into Pride Auto where it was last serviced at 371,000 kilometres in late 2009. Just after that it was driven to Performance Automobiles in Hobart and traded on a new Volvo. I bought it off the salesman who traded it for the princely sum of $250. It is painted in fetching biscuit and has no options fitted, not even a radio, so I think the sports stripes in chocolate really lift the car. Anyhow I'll tag a few tassie friends who between have helped me out with a few parts @carnut1100 @bigal @GingerNinja @jackafrica @bgpzfm142 @volvodriverman and of course @Angus242164 (while not Tasmanian, has certainly posted a few in my direction).

Anyhow, here are a few pictures.zZAWIMJh.jpg


  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
    edited March 2017
    Hail Sports Biscuit, choice of champions and 244 lovers everywhere.
    Wonderfully patinated, great number plate too, quite possibly its original.
    The dark choccy interior has worn well.

    Congrats on the score, a deserving survivor. If able to assist, simply holler.
    The crease in the rear quarter appears to be the major bodily blemish and nearly ( except for the sports stripe) unmolested. That sports stripe is divine, particularly the run of black under the bonnet, sensational!
    It's a ripper @Tassie6er.
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    Thanks @jackafrica I'm pretty chuffed with it and yes the plates are original - even have the Bessant Motors Volvo numberplate frames - everything I've pull off it so far has been marked Volvo, right down to the alternator belts! And you're welcome to kick some tyres any Saturday!
  • They look like 5.5" wide steelies! Where'd ya score those!

    What a beauty. Tacho, manual and fuel injection! Score.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    cancer sucks
  • Nice. More 240s around Hobart is always good. What are you going to do with it?
    '88 245
    '88 245 turbo
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    In theory I'm going to enter it in Peking to Paris 2019....

    At this stage, I'm just trying to get it roadworthy.

    Anyhow, I've done the timing belt, water pump, front calipers, discs and pads, rear discs and pads, bleed brakes, air cleaner, oil change, oil filter, coolant change, new drop tray, thermostat, Wipers, replaced headlight and yes @bigal those are the ones from your wagon, now with a complete set of supercars including spare (I lashed out).

    I also put in new alternator belts, replaced seat belts, mounted battery, checked the horn and got the brake lights working! Anyhow, the only thing I have problems with are the reverse gate lock out and a snapped centre support for the exhaust. Anyhow, I took it for a spin and it drives well - quite peppy - obviously a few extra horses will go well.
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    Happily after a weekend of hard work - passed!ZK2AM8sh.jpg
  • Congrats!

    Big drive coming up this weekend?
  • volvodrivermanvolvodriverman (@volvodriverman) Barringwood Estate, Tasmania
    All hail sports biscuit!
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    Thanks @volvodriverman - @bigal I'm off to Philip Island Historics next weekend, so I've got to get the race car ready!
  • Woah woah woah, hang on........ race car?
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    This one - not a Volvo but I kind of like it!!reb6ZKDh.jpg
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    So, I took the Sports Biscuit for a drive today and ducked into the hardware store to find someone else had taken the wheel!LWK6hrmh.jpg
  • Haha I bet that made people take a 2nd look.
  • This one - not a Volvo but I kind of like it!!reb6ZKDh.jpg

    IIRC that's the Schnitzer 635 that Peewee Siddle imported in about 1985 to do Sandown and Bathurst.
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  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    Well, a replica there of!
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    So, I've been in Melbourne for a few days and while I was there took the opportunity to go to Jolly's You Pull It, Pick-A-Part and Imlachs. Between them they had a 1991 240 GLE, a 1979 244 DL and 2 1985 240 GL's so I managed to get just about everything I needed which included:
    - A dash - my one is stuffed - the replacement is in better condition, but will need some repair.
    - An instrument cluster - for some reason I've been cursed with the inaccurate temp gauge in this car and Bruce Lee.
    - Front and rear sway bars and mounts from the 1991 GLE
    - Replacement under dash felt for the drivers side
    - Replacement washer bottle
    - Front left wheel arch liner
    - A tool roll
    - A number of switches and so on.
    Needless to say, I can't wait until Saturday to fit them!D1w3joth.jpg
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    So I fitted the front sway bar, the inner guard and the instrument cluster, happily I also managed to fit a passenger side rear vision mirror!kAkG9Gvh.jpg
  • Nice work! They've got a nice looking shnoz that model.

    What's next?
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