140 series, or 242, 245 manual. Pre 1979. Or the Grail...a 245L.

jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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No particular order of preference, other than the "dream" 245L or 142/242. 242GT?
Trying to locate a loved original. Willing to save a special, neglected example.
Not looking for a rusted out and tired parts project.

Travel not an issue for a drivable example. A potential adventure.

Yes, emotionally and fiscally prepared for the right wagon, coupe or sedan if you're ready to pass the baton to a new owner.
A good home offered... always garaged, serviced and driven with care. Curatorial preservation skills applied where and when required.
No add on turbo, wide alloy wheels, or altering the integrity of the car. Not my thing.

Ideally, a 245L (or 245DL) in pristine condition, if one survives, is the grail.
242DL definitely on the radar.

I'm trying to buy a car, not steal one
My energies need a direction.Thanks,



  • Hi mate.
    I've got a 245L in mostly original condition.
    Has been fitted with 79 tv screen lights and grille which I want to keep and will supply original style round lights.
    Has had the original blank dash replaced by one with a clock.
    Has virgo alloys which are spoken for and will come with steels.
    Someone has glued grey carpet in the back.
    The bumpers have had the shocks cut down to tuck them but I've got spare bumper shocks.
    Paint is rough and cracking.
    Fuel pump is siezed which can happen if they've been sitting a bit.
    Has been looked after mechanically and was running great last time i started it.
    My plan was to put it back to original but marriage and bub and moving house and changing jobs etc means I've accepted it isn't going to happen any time soon.
    I've got it stored at a mate's place at Magra so not too far from you.
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Easiest WTB and reply within a day that is even close by!
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    Insanity of the temporal kind :3 :+1:
    carnut1100 is a champion fella, whom I've known for some time.
    What an offer! I'm humbled.
    Let's see how it looks.
  • Hmm. There's a lot going on with this one, more than carnut1100 recalled, which to be fair can occur when a car is out of sight an minds eye for a while.
    Needs considerable work, quite an amount, especially to be ready for the road.
    And as it's not running, or registered there's a number of current unknowns.
    It's still a 245L, just. Very little paint to save. This one is more a rescue, if it is feasible.
  • The 245L on offer doesn't fit the criteria in my initial post. More so is the pity.
    carnut1100 is an enthusiast first and a mate. His generosity I'm certain is known here, and his offer to me was one of genuine help and generosity. Thanks mate, a bummer that it doesn't fit the bill, condition wise. Ticks all the boxes otherwise.

    To be clear, I'm after a seriously good original manual wagon, preferably. Coupe or sedan considered too of course.
    Willing to pay $3-4k for the right one, perhaps more for an outstanding original example.

  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Have you talked to @iceton1975?
    Mark either has or knows of every car available.
    Berry Motor Group.
  • (slight exaggeration there but still Berrys is worth a call)
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    Hi Jackafrica

    I have a 142S in good nick, but Im over in Perth which may present a problem! I ran it on Carsales for a while but never received any serious interest so have just parked it up again.

    give me a call if of interest.

    Cheers Mark
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    Sent Mark @iceton75 an email and a message, no reply to either. You get that sometimes.
    Tomorrow I'll phone. Given he's a dealer and I'm unlikely to be a service customer it may be slim pickin's.

    A private seller is my best call, if the incentive is there and the time is right for the seller.
    Don't know if anyone cares too much about how a car will be kept after the sale. These days it's all too often about the money.
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    Now have spoken to MarkC in Perth and he does have an interesting 142S.
    Why did nobody show interest a while ago?
    MarkC definitely a candid fella.
  • Perth distance puts more people off than it should
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    The logistics could be interesting, if an "adventure" were on the cards.
    Otherwise, it would simply be costly. Transport $1500 to Hobart depot.
  • sounds like some pre-lowball sweetening there jackafrica
  • jackafricaricho (@jackafrica) Hobart Tasmania
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    No need to lowball...is there? Or are you steeling yourself Mark :3

    My text should be there re pics...
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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    Nothing to see here, move along...
  • Ex850RSnoopy (@Ex850R) Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    @Justian was selling the car above.
  • Thanks, looking for pre 1980.
  • bigalbigal (@bigal) Tasmania
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    How about a 145?
  • bigalbigal (@bigal) Tasmania
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    Like this, one owner with full history in perfect date order since new?


    Sorry not for sale :-P
  • Sure big al, that's a very desirable option.
    Please message me. Thanks.
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